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The Ab Fab Collab- Places to see in and around Chichester

Welcome to another monthly installment of the the fantastic (if I say so myself!) Ab Fab Collab.
If you are new around here, then this is where I collab with the amazing blogger Abbey Lousia Rosa and we each share our take on a particular topic.

This month I suggested we share what's to do and see in the area we live in now that the milder and sunnier weather has rolled around to us in the UK.
Abbey's post shares what a great place her home town of Norwich is. I can vouch for what a pretty part of the world Norfolk is and well worth a visit if you get the chance.

My post is centred around my home town of Chichester on the south coast of England and the places I rate are worth seeing if you come to the area!

So let's start off with...

My week last week #1

Dear lovely reader,

Hi there! I was thinking recently about the content of my blog and whilst I love doing blog posts about my monthly favs and tips to help you with blogging. I felt there was a personal element missing. And I then got to thinking that I would like to start doing a weekly round up blog post about my week just been and share what's been happening in my little ole life.

So let me begin with the week that has just been....

My April Favourites

My April Favourites

Hi and welcome to my monthly favourites for April. I thought I would do something a bit different and do a video instead. My thought process is this will be a 3D view of what I have been loving throughout April rather than through the medium of photo's.

What I use for Flat Lay props

I was asked recently by another blogger; why don't I share where I find props for my flat lays. And I thought well, why don't I!

Now I'm no trained photographer but I like to be creative with my flat lays and I'm always on the hunt for items I think would look great to compliment a photo.

I don't tend to shop with particular items in mind. More I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for props when I go shopping.

What I got for my birthday

So for the 33rd time in my life I celebrated my birthday. The upside is I still look about 12 ears old, so I can't really complain as I'm getting older in years.

This year I had my eye on a couple items for my birthday wish list and I am delighted that I did get gifted with said items. You'll see there's a bit of a theme here 😜

Super Easy Easter Cake

It's that time of year for the perfect excuse to ditch the New Year diet (you still got that, right?!) and gorge on a mass of chocolate. So let me introduce what I am calling the Super Easy Easter Cake!
Basically it is a Rocky Road/Fridge Cake base, with a few Easter goodies thrown in.

You can see my post here on how to make this no bake cake!

My loves and loathes of blogging

Hello! And thanks for coming by!

In this post I will be reflecting on my loves and loathes of blogging. So let me begin...
It's been a year and eight months since I created my blog and over that time I have learnt so much when it comes to blogging. But with that comes some things which I really enjoy and some things that I don't so much.
So let me share my yays and nays of blogging...

The Great Big Birthday Giveaway!

Woo hoo, April is upon us and it's extra special for me as it is my birthday month (April 15th if you wanna know!)!
And with that in mind I'm celebrating by giving YOU the chance to enter my awesome birthday giveaway :)

There are three prize bundles to be won by three lucky winners. If you are one of the three winners I shall randomly pick which prize you will win. It'll be a surprize!

Check out below what you could win and how to enter:

Prize one contains:
Morphe eyeshadow palette in 3HW 56.2g x 1
Lottie London Shimmer Squad 16.8g x 1
NARS blush in Orgasmic 3.5g x 1
High Definition Brow Define pencil in 003 Vamp x1
Maybelline Super Stay 24 setting spray 75ml x 1