Vintage Shopping at Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale

The Preloved Vintage Kilo sale is a pretty simple but effective set up. They tour the country, popping up in major cities across the year, with rails and rails, and rails, of vintage clothing, from the 60’s, 70s, 80’s and 90’s.

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Searching for a sense of style- Part II

If you’ve seen my previous blog post, you’ll see I currently have a girl crush on this fellow blogger here, Zoe. I love Zoe’s relaxed look, she nails it perfectly. And I have been experimenting myself with using her as…

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7 things to look forward to this Autumn

1.  Walks in the autumn leaves I don’t think you’re ever too old to grow out of crunching through the autumn leaves! I love finding a deep pile and stepping into it! I also love the colours of autumn, such…

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Come shopping with me | Southampton, UK

Shopping, ah one of my favourite past times. Yes it is a some what materialistic past time, but one I will admit I do enjoy. So yesterday I decided to take a trip along the coast to Southampton. For those…

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My Week Last Week #2

Hello and how’s your week been? Whatever it’s been, you’ve made it to the end and into a new week. A new week and a new start 🙂 So last week was a week of working Monday to Friday. So…

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The Only Way Is John Lewis Chelmsford!

Now I’m not much of a traveller. Least anything more than an hour on a train and I’m likely to think twice. Blame anxiety. Especially when it’s been a bit rubbish recently. But I was offered an opportunity at work…

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What to do in Brighton

It felt like the other day that I hadn’t been out of Chichester for quite a while, so whilst the weather was being uncharacteristically summery I decided to take a trip to the sea side town of Brighton. You may…

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Fashion Favs | What I have been buying

I’m no trend setter. I’ll state that fact from the start. But I do love shopping and looking at what’s on trend at the moment. That doesn’t mean I can replicate these looks, but I pick out an item or…

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What I'm loving Wednesday

This week I’ve been let out for good behaviour (sic) and got a weeks annual leave (or holiday to you and me) from work. I had nothing planned other than to do something on Monday just past to celebrate mine…

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