Who do I think I am?

*Go’s to check when last posted on her blog. Gasps in mock horror at her abstinence from her blog* Hey there! It’s been a little bit of time hasn’t it! My sincere apologies mon amie. I have been a bad…

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Friends Fest 2018

Way back earlier this year, I saw on Facebook that Friends Fest was returning to the UK. Being that I binge watched the whole 10 series in chronological order earlier this year, I had a compulsion to go. We had…

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My August Favourites

August has been an interesting month for me to say the least. Due to personal issues centered around my mental health with anxiety and stress, I was signed off for the best part of the month by my doctor. This…

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What I have learnt after 3 years of blogging

Where the magic happens! Back in August 2015 I set up Abbie Chic as a lifestyle blog, sharing all the things I love and my life in general. Fastforward to 2018 and here I am celebrating three years of being…

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DIY Mad Hatter Tea Party with Whittards Tea #ad

For my husbands 40th birthday recently I wanted to create a Mad Hatter themed event for him and a few special guests. Being that my husband Dan does have an off beat and eclectic love of things, I thought a…

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Vintage Shopping at Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale

The Preloved Vintage Kilo sale is a pretty simple but effective set up. They tour the country, popping up in major cities across the year, with rails and rails, and rails, of vintage clothing, from the 60’s, 70s, 80’s and 90’s.

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Rachel from Friends- Get the look

If you want to find something that sums up the 90’s in a nut shell, then the US hit show Friends will do just that for you. From the hair styles, to the lack of social media, to the fashion,…

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WordPress: Moving from Blogger to WordPress Migration

Dear Blogger platform, I’ve moved on. It just wasn’t working out. It was the cliche; it’s me not you. So I went where the grass is greener. And it was a decision well made moving to WordPress. For three years…

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Vintage and Second Hand Fashion- A New Direction

So three years of blogging, huh! In the grand scheme of things, that’s not that long but for me I’m pretty impressed I’m still here, blogging and sharing my life in written form. Yes, I’ve had bouts of blogging all…

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