I have over the last few years, been lucky enough to meet some fantastic and very talented people.

These people have harnessed their passion and created some beautiful things and I want to share them with you.

They are a cake maker extraordinare, a very crafty lady and a blooming marvellous florist.

Daisychain’s Cakes aka Sharon Hart

Sharon makes bespoke cakes for any occasion. I can recall about a year and a half ago when Sharon was asked to make a cake with fondant flowers on the top. She hadn’t properly attempted them before, so she told me she looked on youtube for some guidance. 

Before I knew it, Sharon had perfected her flowers and now makes so many wonderful and personalised cakes, that also taste heavenly too.
In our work we occasionally will have cake bakes to raise money for charity and Sharon always wins with her amazing creations. I don’t stand a chance! My cakes look like a child made them, and I resort to my fridge cakes each time.

You can see from these photo’s how talented Sharon is, and I keep saying to her that she would be too good for The Greatest British Bake Off! Anyway enough of me singing her praises. I’ll let you see for yourself!

If you would like to contact Sharon for one of her creations of your own, these are her contact details:


Tel:   07789 005083 



Curious Willow aka Charlotte Baldock

Charlotte is one crafty lady and makes very pretty personalised and handmade decorations.

Charlotte says; ‘Curious Willow is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have always enjoyed making things and have been told by my friends and family that I should start making things to sell’. And this is what she did!

The idea behind Curious Willow comes from Charlotte’s love of bright colours, clashing prints and her love of interiors, especially children’s rooms where anything goes.

Below are some photo’s of the lovely items Charlotte has lovingly handmade below.

If you would like to contact Charlotte to get your own personalised item, her details are:


Instagram: curious_willow

The Flower Basement aka Juliet O’Leary

The Flower Basement is run by Juliet O’Leary who has being doing floristry for 10 years and has exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show in 2008. Juliet says: “I have had a passion for plants and flowers from a very young age, when I tried my hand at floristry as a girl at a local shop I knew I had found a love for life”. Having completed over 20 weddings throughout Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire Juliet has extensive knowledge and experience of flowers to ensure that each wedding is unique and personal.

The Flower Basement also created my beautiful wedding bouquet, bridesmaids posies and lovely floral display for our signing table. The Flower Basement works to your requirements and are lovingly made for that special occasion. 

To contact The Flower Basement for further info, you can contact:


My beautiful wedding flowers
My very pretty wedding bouquet

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