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I love to support fellow bloggers. I think exposure can help a lot to promote bloggers and share the wonders of the blogging community. 

From February 2018 I will be offering 4 advertising spots on my blog and Twitter every month. I haven’t the following like Zoella or In The Frow, so that is wihy I am charging £1 for an advertising slot with me. Maybe one day when I hit the big time (as if!) I will be able to justify charging more but currently I think £1 is justifiable with my current level of followings.

This would also be great for a blogger just starting out too as I can share your blog to other bloggers.

Interested in being involved? Then drop me a mail to and I will let you know what slots I have available. 

For a £1 advertising slot I will:

  • Give you a shout out via my twitter account
  • Promote your blog in my side bar of my blog for that month
  • I will also re-tweet your most recent blog post
  • And finally I will comment on that blog post too

A £1 well spent if you ask me! These are my current stats as of beginning of January 2018;

  • Twitter: 5.6k followers
  • Monthly average blog page views: 2.5k
  • Total blog views all time: 71.7k
  • Blog DA score: 22

To pay I will as you to pay via Paypal. I will share that with you once I require you to pay. 

Any other questions, please do ask!



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