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Getaway to Bournemouth

If you have followed my previous blog posts you’ll have seen that I love visiting Bournemouth. It’s kinda come a home from home and I hope one day to move there. In the absence of relocating to Dorset, Dan and…

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Outfits Of The Day | | Autumn Edition

Being that it’s now Autumn in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable. In the morning it could start out over cast and drizzly but by the afternoon it can be baking hot. But one thing I do like about…

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Rainy Day Baking | Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Autumn has well and truly arrived and with that comes the wind and drizzly rain. You know the type, falls in every way which in tiny drops saturating every absorbent surface and in my case causing havoc to my hair.…

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How to make your home ready for Autumn

Now the cooler days are setting in I have been making my flat all cosy and autumnal. I recently had a bit of a homeware haul and I picked up these fall inspired items… I have this bookcase which you…

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Keep healthy this Autumn with Juicers by Panasonic | Ad

I love Autumn with all the colours of the trees changing and getting cosy in my pyjama’s but what I don’t love is the cold bugs that tend to do the rounds. My advice, do your immune system a favour…

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7 things to look forward to this Autumn

1.  Walks in the autumn leaves I don’t think you’re ever too old to grow out of crunching through the autumn leaves! I love finding a deep pile and stepping into it! I also love the colours of autumn, such…

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My Autumn Loves

Here in the UK it feels likes as soon as September 1st came round the Autumn weather began. Gone were the mild mornings and in comes the fresh morning air. The evenings are starting to draw in too. And with…

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Books to Love | Lucy Diamond & Louise Pentland

I’m a self confessed book worm. I love nothing better then being engrossed in a good book. And a good book to me is full of love, drama, comedy and a happy ever after. A rom com in book form…

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Daily Blog Post | Number one

The thing I love about blogging, at least with my blog as I haven’t put myself into one particular niche, is that I can write about anything. Mostly I write about fashion, lifestyle, homeware, but I sometimes like to write…

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