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Blogmas #1 | Win a SIGNED Giovanna Fletcher ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ Book!

It’s Blogmas! Welcome to the first of a number of blog posts I will be posting that are all festive related on my blog. This is my second year doing Blogmas, so I hope you like my forthcoming festive inspired…

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An open letter to Glamour

Ever since I can remember I have brought weekly, fortnightly and monthly publications. Be it a comic (I used to love a Disney one) to tween magazines like Mizz and Bliss, to celebrity magazines like TV Hits and Smash Hits,…

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The Body Shop Blogger Event

Scroll to the bottom of post for a photo gallery   Being a blogger has it’s perks. If you’re lucky a brand may contact you and offer to send you a free product to review and keep or maybe they…

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Feeling the Benefit | My Benefit Cosmetics Loves

If you love make up, then you tend to have a brand that you always go to and trust. For me one of those brands is Benefit Cosmetics. I have been using Benefit Cosmetics since the early 2000’s and have…

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The Easiest Cupcakes Ever!

Ok, I know Christmas is still officially a while a way yet, but I couldn’t help myself ok 😉 When doing a shop for my dinner in Sainsburys recently I saw this in the chilled cake section (yes I was…

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I’ve been framed | Collab with Photo Wall canvas art- Ad

You’re home is where you lay your hat, or so the saying goes. And I am a creature who loves her comforts. If you have been following my blog posts for a while you will know I am more at…

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Getaway to Bournemouth

If you have followed my previous blog posts you’ll have seen that I love visiting Bournemouth. It’s kinda come a home from home and I hope one day to move there. In the absence of relocating to Dorset, Dan and…

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Outfits Of The Day | | Autumn Edition

Being that it’s now Autumn in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable. In the morning it could start out over cast and drizzly but by the afternoon it can be baking hot. But one thing I do like about…

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Rainy Day Baking | Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Autumn has well and truly arrived and with that comes the wind and drizzly rain. You know the type, falls in every way which in tiny drops saturating every absorbent surface and in my case causing havoc to my hair.…

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