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Phil Smith Salon Collection Hair Straightener

So I don’t class myself as a full on beauty blogger. I don’t do that many reviews on cosmetics or beauty tools. But I wanted to make an exception on this occasion. The reason? Well I wanted to share with…

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My Top 10 Vintage/Secondhand Fashion Websites

Hello 2019! Yes, it has taken me over two weeks into the New Year to write up a post. Such is working full time. I hope you are well and the last year of this decade is treating you well…

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Looking back on the year- My 2018 in Review

Well hello my Amigo’s! Isn’t this a welcome bolt out of the blue, an actual new blog post! My apologies for the lack of content of recent weeks. Blame working in retail over the festive period for absorbing all my…

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Daily Blog Post #2- Black-ish Friday

Good evening. I’m back for day 2 of Daily Blogging, so with that let me share with you my day. (BTW it’s not that exciting!). I woke up at 7am to the alarm on Dan’s phone going off. Normally I…

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Daily Blog #1- Asperger’s, my Husband and Me

Ok, I have a feeling of foresight that this will not last for long. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t blogged much in the last few months and now I have a burning desire to write lot’s of posts? I don’t…

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Worth the Weight? Vintage Clothes Sale

On a chilly mid November morning I find myself waiting outside a cathedral in a local seaside town. The reason for being outside so early on a Saturday morning? I was waiting to attend the sixth Vintage kilo sale I’ve…

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Who do I think I am?

*Go’s to check when last posted on her blog. Gasps in mock horror at her abstinence from her blog* Hey there! It’s been a little bit of time hasn’t it! My sincere apologies mon amie. I have been a bad…

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Friends Fest 2018

Way back earlier this year, I saw on Facebook that Friends Fest was returning to the UK. Being that I binge watched the whole 10 series in chronological order earlier this year, I had a compulsion to go. We had…

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My August Favourites

August has been an interesting month for me to say the least. Due to personal issues centered around my mental health with anxiety and stress, I was signed off for the best part of the month by my doctor. This…

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