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You’ve come here to find out more about me, so let me divulge your curiosities. (This isn’t cringey inducing at all!)

The short of it; I’m 33 years old, married and live in Chichester on the south coast of England. During the day I’m a operations assistant for a much loved retailer and in my free time I blog, blog, blog!

The long of it; Well what else can I add that will make me sounding interesting?! I wish I could say I was mega talented at something, but to be honest I’m mediocre at most things at best!

I’m sociably arkward, I’m yet to master the art of small talk. I prefer a night in with a cup of cocoa and my pj’s then painting the town red. I love cats (though I don’t have one) and I love baking but it’s more of a case of can’t cook, rather than won’t cook!

If you would like an extended version of a summary of my life so far then read on…

I grew up in a sleepy village by the cost on the south England. My childhood was spent playing in the surrounding fields and wooded areas. Back then it was not deemed an issue to be playing outdoors unsupervised. Some of my favourite memories from being a child are playing in the lane, making up dance routines in my friends gardens and finding dens.


I went to secondary (high) school and passed my GCSE’s (do they still do those?!) with not the best grades. Me and school never really got on. I was not a troublemaker, far from it. But I didn’t see the long term benefit of applying myself and getting good grades. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing!


Me in the early 90’s and at school circa 1998

When I completed my GCSE’s, I was at a loss as to what to do next. The familiarity and safety net of being at school was now cast aside and I had to think for myself what my next move would be.

I did attempt to go to the local college and started a Media Studies course. All the other students had studied media before, but this was all too new for me so I soon stopped going. I then fell back to my secondary school and enrolled myself into 6th form (year 13) and took up Business Studies and English Language and Literature.

Business Studies stroke me of interest as I do have a thirst to understand the operations of businesses, so I thought I would see what it entailed. The class size was just 5 of us, so I felt comfortable to be able to ask questions without the fear of intimidation like I had with previous classes.

I learnt a lot and wrote a lot too! Since working in retail, I have since been able to understand and see how what I was studying applies to the real world. This course did give me a good insight into profit and loss and breaking even for example.

The English Literature and Language course I enjoyed as I have always loved writing (hence this here blog!). I wanted to sharpen my language skills and find out more about literature to help me develop my writing skills.

These courses lasted a year and after that, I was back to square one and what to do with myself. In this time I met my now husband Dan.

I met Dan in the May of 2001, after my friend (who fancied him) said we should go met Dan in our local town. Now my friend and myself have different tastes in the opposite sex, so when I met Dan I was pleasantly surprised that he seemed like my type too! I will add that Dan is my first and only boyfriend. I’ve not had the confidence to approach the opposite sex, and those I did fancy where older in completely different circles to the ones I mixed in. Also I am picky and not of the sort to go out with a number of people. I guess I was lucky and I kissed only one frog who turned into my prince!

To so how Dan and myself got together; To cut a long story short, Dan had made it clear he liked me but I was reluctant to doing anything as my friend liked him too. Sisters before misters! Eventually my friend gave her blessing and Dan and myself started dating.

Dan and myself got married in June 2014, on Friday 13th, which is also our anniversary. We had a beautiful wedding, where the weather was glorious sunshine. We didn’t have a big budget for our wedding, so I utilised a lot of the people I knew to help out to keep costs low.


Our wedding day



From a work colleague who is a part time photographer, to another work colleague performing with his band, to a friend who is also a local radio DJ, to a recommendation of a local catering company, to a friend designing the wedding invitations. Which in my mind made it more special as we had the support and involvement our friends and family to make it a truly magical day.

So aside from meeting Dan, I took my first job which was for a new clothes shop opening in a nearby town. This was Warehouse, which I now think only has concessions in department stores. I loved the clothes, the merchandising and being in an environment where it was a small team but we all had fun.

I worked in this role for about four and a half years and by this point I wanted to try my hand at something else. So I was offered a position in another clothes shop in the same town, H&M.

Me at H&M


This was equal measures fun and stress! The fun was working in a team but the stress was constant high workloads. I know it’s only retail, but there was constant deliveries that could take all day to do, constant merchandising changes, promotional activities, it was go, go, go the whole time.

After about five years in different roles within the store, I moved onto my current place of work, John Lewis. My current job role, which I have been doing for nearly 5 years, is very diverse. From recruitment to planning events, to personnel admin to health and safety. There is a lot I get involved in and I feel I am learning from one of the best retailers out there in the UK.

So beyond that? Who knows! I love blogging and writing so much that if I could get into this on a more regular basis then that would be my dream, but until then I need to keep the day job to pay the bills.

I’m not much of a traveller. Some people (like my older sister) love it. Summer 2016 she went interrailing across Russia and to Mongolia. Looked amazing, but I’m more of a homebody. Over the years I have really built up a fear of flying in my head. The last time I flew was to Dubai, probably nearly 10 years ago. I’ve been there twice and it is an amazing place to visit. Definitely one for the bucket list.

I can imagine it’s developed a lot more since I last went so I would (if I could get on a plane) like to visit again.

One place myself and Dan do like to visit that is a bit closer to home is Bournemouth in Dorset. It’s a town (or city?!) that has lovely stone free beach (all golden sand), great shops, attractions and has a really chilled out vibe. I have a few blog posts on Bournemouth on my blog if you want to take a look.

I don’t drive. I’ve never been motivated enough to do so. I’ve always lived within a bus or train journey (if not walking) distance to most places, so I’ve got into the habit of being green and using public transport. That’s not to say I don’t see the benefits of being able to drive and go where I want on a whim. As you may of seen from my 2018 Aspirations post, one of my goals is to start saving and perhaps that can be for driving lessons.

My hobbies other than blogging include baking (or at least trying too, I’m not the best!), reading a rom com book, playing computer games such as Assassins Creed and Minecraft. I love comedy shows and American sitcoms like Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls. My fav Netflix programme currently is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I love the songs, the sheer madness of it, but also the journey that the main character Rebecca is on.

My fav film of all time is Moulin Rouge. I love the set designs, all the colours, the songs, the storyline, the acting. All of it!. If it ever came to the stage I’d have to see it to experience it first hand.

Saying that I would love to visit the real Moulin Rouge in Paris. I know it’s not quite the same of the film depicts, but it would still be amazing to visit the real life version.

As a person I like to think of myself as kind and friendly. I’m not what you would call ‘bubbly’ as I can come across as shy at times. I like to think with age I’ve become more confident but if there is a room full of people or even just a group, I will tend to slink back and observe and only input when I feel I have something I really want to say. I guess you could call me an introvert.

I’m one of those people who tries to please everyone, and I beat myself up internally if I feel I have done something to offend someone (intentional or not). One of the traits I am working on is being more assertive. I feel at work especially I get overly stressed when I take too much work on and am not pushing back when I should.

I have since being a teenager suffered from anxiety. Be it generally feeling on edge, to having panic attacks, it’s not nice at all, but I try and find ways that help me calm down.

To finding a quiet spot and doing something to take me mind away from my racing thoughts and blogging is actually a great help for that 🙂

As for pets and children, I have none. I would love a cat, as I’m a bit cat crazy! But alas living in a rented flat we can not. I’m not opposed to having a child, especially as I am aware I’m not getting any younger, but the thought of being pregnant and giving birth scared the be jesus out of me, and it’s currently not something I’m making a conscious effect to happen.

So back to my blog…

So why did I create Abbie Chic? Good question you ask! I stumbled across Zoella’s blog a couple of years ago and I had a bit of a light bulb moment. Why didn’t I write my own blog, seeing as I love writing so much and I had a creative streak busting to be let loose.

So one afternoon in August 2015 I created this blog on blogger.com and away I went. You can see my first blog post here

I’ve learnt so much since I started blogging over two years ago and I enjoy so much sharing my life and my thoughts through the medium of writing.

I also love being able to chat and engage with other bloggers too. Twitter is so good for that. I have a blogger meet up in my local town soon, so I’m looking forward to getting to chat blogging!

I’ve also had the joy of working with different brands, from Dunelm, Apricot, The Treasured, Happiness Boutique, Photo Wall Art and Jack Wills. These brands have been amazing and I’m so grateful they have shown in interest to little ole me.


You can view my posts here of each collab;




Happiness Boutique- blog post coming soon!

Jack Wills

The Treasured



If you’ve read this far then thank you. I know this is a bit longer than a normal ‘About Me’ section, but as this blog is all about me and my life I thought it only fare to shed some light onto who I am.

Thank you with all my heart for checking out my blog and I hope you come back again soon 🙂


Abbie xxx


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