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Hi and welcome to my blog!

As you’ve come to this page I presume you are wanting to know a bit about th e person behind this here blog. Well let me fill you in.

I’m a 32 year old married female from West Sussex. Well Chichester to be precise. Hence my blog name Abbie Chic-hester. And also a play on shabby chic, cos I just am a bit that!
I’ve been married for 3 years and been with Dan, the hubby since I was 17 years old! He’s my first and only love and we in fact got married on Friday 13th on our 13th anniversary.

We live together in a rented flat right by the centre of town, which makes it ideal for getting about as neither of us drive (I know, it’s a weight I carry heavy on my shoulders- and my shopping too!).
This is also convenient for my work which is just down the road. I work as a retail admin/personnel assistant for a well known British High Street homeware/fashion company. I have been with this company for 5 years.

Prior to that I have worked for two other high street retailers. Born to (work) and shop retail!
As you can tell outside of work I like to blog. I have always had a passion for writing, so writing a blog suits me so well. When I was younger I used to start many a story but would never finish one. I would get like 10 pages in and lose motivation. So writing my blog is perfect as I can finish a post before running out of steam!

Aside from writing, I am a home body. You won’t find me hanging outside a night club or bar. Where you will find me is at home, cosied up on the sofa, or in bed, in my pj’s with either my laptop or a good book.
I love home ware and making up my home to be as cosy and homely as possible. Being that I rent, I am limited to what I can do with our flat but suffice to say I do as much as I can to make it my own.
Some of my fav home ware retailers are Homesense and Dunelm. Obvs if I wasn’t living off a retail wage I might shop in Oliver Bonas and Anthropolgie but I need to stick to my means.

I also have a penchant for fashion and beauty shopping (or as Dan thinks, dragging the husband around for a day) and watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix. (Fav show of recent times!).
You maybe able to sense I am a bit of an introvert, to which you would be correct. I’m not super shy, just lacking in confidence in certain social situations.
If there is a group of people I tend to be the one who blends into the back ground and observes the conversation. I never know how to say something that would be of interest!
So blogging allows me to put myself out there without the need to be in social situations that make me freeze up.

I left school with GCSE’s and A-S Levels under my belt and starting working in retail at the age of 18. I’m not the most ambitious of people so I have glided along in retail.
I see people my age and they have a good wage, car, house, kids and I’m here acting (and looking) I’m still in my 20’s. Suppose not really a reason to complain in many peoples eyes.

I have an older sister who I get on well with. We used to squabble a lot as kids, but have grown to not wind each other up nearly half as much!
My parents are divorced and have been since I was about three years old. My parent’s not being together is far more normal then them possibly being together (ew weird!).
I think that has made me strive to want to make my relansionship with Dan work that much more!
Anyway that’s enough of me rambling on. I hope you enjoy my blog which is me sharing all things I love.

If you want to get in touch you can follow me on my social media accounts on the side bar on the right.

A few more snippets about me…

I love cats (dogs are cool, but cats win out for me) 

I love the brand Cath Kidston

I love make up brands such as Makeup Revolution, NYX and Benefit Cosmetics

I love American soaps, such as The Big Bang Theory and Friends

I love when people do kind things for others less fortunate

I love living near the coast

I love being married

I love rom coms

I love a good book

and most of all I love my blog! (Not trying to sound big headed but why do a hobby if you don’t enjoy it!)

P.S. If that wasn’t enough, you can find out more in my blog post ’50 things about me‘!

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