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My Pen Leaks outside Concave, Brighton

A My Pen Leaks unique design for my mum
My Pen Leaks, Brighton

I was in Brighton a few years ago and I spotted a spray painted happy looking frog on a wall. What a cheery thing to see in an urban setting. There was an artist name next to it; My Pen Leaks. Curious I looked this up and saw this artist had this 'fwog' in other areas of Brighton also. And from there, whenever I am in Brighton or Hove I always keep my eyes peeled for Fwog and other My Pen Leaks creations. 
This then lead onto wanting to discover other modern day artists who create jolly and positive art. 

My Niaski prints

More Niaski prints

Another artist I discovered through the wonder of Instgram is Niaski. She creates art based on classic artist work (Monet, Picasso, Klimt to name a few) with a cat/s replicating the muse in the art. I love cats and I do like classic art, so the combination of the two is wonderful to me. 
From both artists I have purchased merchandise, prints and original artwork from them and I hope to continue to do so in the future. I like to support these artists I anyway I can. As much as I like to think of myself as a creative soul also, I just don't have the skills and talent to be as good as them. But I do get to enjoy their artistry instead :)

Helen Hancocks

I visited Worthing Museum earlier in the month and I discovered another artist, Helen Hancocks. My husband purchased a print of a troop of cats in a marching band parade. So colourful and cute also. Another place for great artists is Neighbourhood Store in Shoreham by Sea, Sussex. I found another artist called Midnight Happi Factory. If you look these artists up, you'll see a theme of colour, joy and something wholesome about them. 
The ironic thing is that though I frame all these prints I purchase, I can't hang them up as where I live is a rented property. So instead I have tops of short bookshelves lined with these prints. I would love a gallery wall full of all the artists I discover. Something bright and fun to look at.
I'm always on the look out for more artists to discover so please so share in the comments below anything you recommend.

Street art in Worthing

More street art in Worthing

One of my favourite subjects at school was art. From the age of 5 up until my GCSE's, I had art lessons. I loved the creativity and the freedom to use different mediums to express myself. Alas with adult life I've not indulged myself in creating art, but recently I brought some materials and had a little play. I think I have some way to go to hone my skills and find my niche, but it's enjoyable non the less. 
I've tried using Procreate to do digital art, but I just can't get the hang of it. I think I'll stick to a paintbrush and pencil!
                                                        My attempt at art over the last year


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