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So I don’t class myself as a full on beauty blogger. I don’t do that many reviews on cosmetics or beauty tools. But I wanted to make an exception on this occasion.

The reason? Well I wanted to share with you about a hair straightener I brought about three months ago for under £20. (Disclaimer this is entirely my opinion and not in connection with any brands).

A bit of a back story…I have been at the mercy of hair straighteners for about 15 years now. I have kinda thick, naturally frizzy, wavy hair. And not in a way that looks cool and undone. I just looks like a mess without being tamed with a hair straightener. As a result I have used a number of different tools to help keep my hair straight. From Babyliss, to Vidal Sasson and Remington and others. I then discovered the wonder that is GHD and never looked back.

I’ve had about 4 or 5 straighteners from GHD, each straightening my hair just how I like it and most importantly keeping it straight all day long. Of course they are not the cheapest on the market, but I believed that the more you paid the better the hair straightener.

Well that was until recently, when to my horror my GHD stopped working. It kept beeping every time I turned it on and would not heat up. As I said previously my hair looks like a mess without being straightened (yes I know self indulged first world problem) so when my straighteners appeared to bite the dust, I knew I had to get a replacement.

Luckily I had lent my sister my one other pair of GHD’s, so I had a back up pair. But I had to wait a few days until she could drop them back to me. So what’s a girl gotta do? I went in search for a cheap pair to tide me over.

I wasn’t expecting to find anything much cop, just something to somehow tame my hair. So I popped into Sainburys one afternoon as it is near my work and picked up a pair from the Phil Smith range. They were on offer for £13 so I thought it wasn’t too much of an expense if they turned out to not be that great.

My hair freshly washed and a little bit frizzy! BTW I’m trying to post more organic content, so my photo’s are from my phone and unedited!

I took them home and gave them a go. And wow! They are fantastic! So much so, I’ve not used my other working GHD hair straighteners since!

Yes, GHD have technology to help distribute the heat more evenly and ceramic coated plates to help protect the hair. But since using the pair from Phil Smith, I’ve not seen any noticeable heat damage on my hair and they also have ceramic coated plates which I didn’t know until I googled it!

The Phil Smith hair straighteners have several heat temperature settings, which the GHD’s don’t. So I can now select how hot or not I want the hair straighteners to go up to. I used to do 220 degrees which is it’s highest setting, but I found I didn’t need that much heat, so I now use it on the 200 degree setting.

They are more light weight than my GHD’s which makes them more comfortable to use, especially as my hair needs a bit of time to straight due to it’s volume.

The Phil Smith straighteners give my hair a lovely straight, sleek and shiny finish that last’s all day, actually for as long as it takes until I next wash my hair (every 2 to 3 days).

They heat up pretty quickly (I actually timed them and took 17 seconds from switching on to being hot to use at 200 degrees) which is great when I’m getting ready for work and I’m pushed for time. They overall are such a great purchase for under £20.

Like I stated before and from previous experience, paying more equaled superior results. And whilst I still rate GHD hair straighteners as great products, I’ve now found you can get just as good results (if not better) for much less money.

It’s work adding these Phil Smith hair straighteners can curl and wave my hair easily as well. I actually find them easier to use than my GHD’s. I totally recommend this Phil Smith pair of straighteners, they are fantastic value for money and give amazing results. And I say this with some authority as I have tried quite a few hair straighteners in my time and these are the best I’ve tried for such a great price. Save your pennies and give these a go! You can find the pair I brought for sale here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Not exactly a revolutionary post, but my blog has always been about sharing the things I love.


Abbie xxx

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