My Top 10 Vintage/Secondhand Fashion Websites

Hello 2019! Yes, it has taken me over two weeks into the New Year to write up a post. Such is working full time. I hope you are well and the last year of this decade is treating you well so far.

Aside from working, I have been focusing on my Depop shop ( where I have been uploading items from my wardrobe, from mine and my sisters old clothes and from a vintage sale.

I recently went to my 7th vintage kilo sale since I discovered them in September last year. This one was another Preloved Kilo Sale event, which seem to be one of the better known ones. I did enjoy this one, but I did feel there was not as much items as there has been at previous events. That said I did pick up a number of jackets which are listed for sale on my depop shop.

I do love hunting out a bargain, be it in a charity shop (recently found a 2005 Stella McCartney for H&M coat and a Burberry jumper in charity shops), or at a vintage sale or online.

I’m finding that with the internet and vintage items becoming more popular and of age (anything over 20 years ago is deemed ‘vintage’), savvy sellers are marking up items. A number of charity shops I go into now have vintage sections with the prices higher than norm for a charity shop, even on Oxfam’s website the desired items aren’t super cheap. But that’s how to make a profit and do business. If you know what someone would likely to pay for an item, why sell it for cheaper?

I’m still learning and discovering the best places to find preloved fashion. So below are my recommended sites for finding second hand items. (Disclaimer not all the websites I have used, so this is based on the content of their website).

In no particular order…

RA store I heard of many years ago, but never went to as the nearest store was in London. Still on my list to visit next time I’m in the capital.

Regularly updated with new stock from their stores across the UK. Most high street items are reasonably priced, with the designer/vintage items with a higher, but not completely unreasonable mark up.

BA great site for vintage items. Their stores are worth a visit too if you can. I love the one in Brighton. It’s like a warehouse full of items from yesteryear.

BA shop and an online store for vintage fashion. I’ve not been to their store, but I did buy a dress from them last year online. Reasonable prices and fast delivery.

MAnother shop and an online store. This is part of the Preloved Kilo sale company, where they sell the more desirable pieces that don’t go into their kilo sales.

DA whole treasure trove of vintage and second hand fashion. Hundreds of thousands of sellers, selling a wide variety of items. Service can vary from seller to seller, but you can leave public feedback for good and bad service. So far I’ve only had good and aim to replicate that myself with my depop shop.

HAn online site for secondhand fashion and accessories. This is more based around high end high street and designer items. So not super affordable if you are looking to buy items to sell on, but great if you are looking for a designer treat for yourself without the big price tag.

TA vintage shop, kilo sale and online store. They have a shop in the North Laines in Brighton, a warehouse which holds kilo sales on certain days as well as online. I love their kilo sales, as even though they don’t sell hand bags (missed opportunity guys) they do have a lot of great items.

RAnother online site for second hand designer fashion and hand bags. Perhaps one day I’ll treat myself to something from there, but for now I’ll stick to my high street loves.

BCalling themselves the UK’s premier vintage superstore they have lot’s of old school items looking for a new home.

I’d love to know if you have any other second hand sites to share. Please do leave a comment below!

Love, Abbie xxx

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