Daily Blog Post #2- Black-ish Friday

Good evening. I’m back for day 2 of Daily Blogging, so with that let me share with you my day. (BTW it’s not that exciting!).

Feeling festive!

I woke up at 7am to the alarm on Dan’s phone going off. Normally I can wake up just before the alarm, but today it caught me unawares (I did go to sleep after 12am and that’s way past my bed time!). I got ready for work, changed my outfit just before leaving (I thought my top looked a bit scruffy) and I left to walk to work.

To get to work involves a 15 minute walk up the road. As I don’t drive, having a minimal commute is a great advantage. When I lived in a near by town I had to walk 10 minutes to the bus stop, get the bus for half an hour then walk another 15 minutes at the other end. This is so much better (though when it rains, even 1 minute outside sucks). I arrived at work, put my coat and bag away and waited for our morning branch meeting. 

Yes I have my Christmas decs up already!

We were anticipating a bustling day for Black Friday, so we headed down to the shop floor, with a queue already forming outside. The day went by quite steady and at 5pm I met Dan outside my work.

I then popped into town with Dan to have a quick look around any of the shops that were still open (you’d think working in a shop all day I’d not want to go in another one!). I popped into Marks and Spencers, who rather disappointingly had no Black Friday offers on (why?!). But that said I did pick up these cute and super comfy PJ’s for £15. I have the cat ones and I live in them when I’m at home!

I then had a bath and here I am writing this hear post. Told you not that exciting! I’m wondering if to purchase anything for Black Friday. There’s nothing I really need or want, but there’s that feeling of FOMO niggling at me. 

That said I’ve not seen any offers worth grabbing, other than ordering a Christmas jumper from H&M with their 20% off offer.

Have you found any good deals on Black Friday? If so please do share!

Have a great evening,

Abbie xxx

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