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Benefit Cosmetics Maybe Baby and Roller Lash mascara

August has been an interesting month for me to say the least. Due to personal issues centered around my mental health with anxiety and stress, I was signed off for the best part of the month by my doctor.

This time was much needed as it gave me an opportunity to distance myself from some of what has been causing me stress and focus on what I need to do to work on dealing with these issues more effectively.

I was referred to my local Time to Talk team, which I have found useful in the past. About 7 years ago I attended a weekly group course for 6 weeks of Cognitive Behavourial Therapy, which I did find offered me steps into thinking in a more rational way. My only negativity is that the course was not long enough, but it did help me through a time when I needed it.

I am now hoping to attend a 4 week course at a Stress Workshop. This is once a week on a Monday and I’m intrigued in what this course can do to help me going forward. This post isn’t the one where I want to dwell on what triggers my anxieties and stress, if you would like me to give you a back story on a future post, please do let me know.

Anyway this month I have found joy in a number of things and some of the items that I have lovingly been using and purchased are below…

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby eau du toilette by Benefit Cosmetics

I’ve been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics for so long now, it must be going back to the early 2000’s when I purchased my first product from them.

I’ve loved some of their by gone products such as Bathina, Erase Paste and Some Kind of Gorgeous. Truly cult products.

So when I recently saw on the John Lewis website they were reselling Maybe Baby eau du toilette I had to get it. This used to be one of my favourite scents back in the early 2000’s until they discontinued it but Hurrah! its back. And looking on the Benefit website, lots of other people are overjoyed at it’s come back too.

I love the light, sweet and slightly talcum powder scent this has. It’s perfect for the day as it’s not too over powering and flirty enough for the evening. Until smellavision exists you’ll have to trust me that this is a fragrance to own.

You can purchase it at for £19.50 for 50ml.

Roller Lash

Benefit Cosmetics RollerLash mascara

Another item that has become a cult beauty product for Benefit, to me at least, is their Roller Lash mascara.

I’ll be honest I didn’t appreciate it when I first purchased it on it’s launch. I was converted to their They’re Real mascara and the Roller Lash didn’t compete.

But roll on a couple of years later and my love affair with the mascara has blossomed. I love that it has lot’s of little bristles on it so it really captures every lash and fans them out. I also love the coverage, the colour and the fact that it stays put all day.

I love it so much that this is my 4th one if I remember correctly. I recently was running out and I purchased another one.

You can purchase Roller Lash at for £21.50 for 8.5g tube.

Wilde About The Girl by Louise Pentland

Wilde About the Girl by Louise Pentland

Last August/September I finished Louise’s debut novel Wilde Like Me and have been eagerly awaiting the follow up, Wilde About The Girl. And I’ve not been disappointed.

I love a book with a female lead, one who is down to earth, faces struggles in her every day life and comes good in the end. And this is exactly what Louise has delivered.

I don’t want to give too much away should you want to give this a read yourself but suffice to say it made me chuckle, it made me feel for the female lead, Robin, in her tender moments and it made me feel pleased for her when she over came obstacles in her life.

Wilde About The Girl by Louise Pentland

A great feel good book, touching on a subject any woman would not wish to experience and showing there can be light in the ’emptiness’ as Robin calls it.

You can purchase a copy of Wilde About The Girl at for £6.49 for the hardback. 

Canon Selphy Printer

Canon Selphy Printer CP1300

For my husbands 40th birthday this year, I decided to utilise my Canon Selphy printer. I had copies of many childhood photo’s of him, which I printed out using my Canon Selphy printer and created a collage in a frame to be on display at his birthday meal.

Last year I really wanted the HP Sprocket printer. It looked fab as it was small and able to print out photo’s from my phone. No longer were my photo’s to be stuck on my phone but printed in glorious techni-colour.

But then I read the reviews and was put off by purchasing it as it was over £100 for something that didn’t rate so well. So I was on the look out for an alternative mobile printer.

And that’s when I discovered the Canon Selphy printer. It’s compact and so simple to use. You can either print via an Canon app on your phone, or use a memory card inserted into the printer. You can then print 6×4 in photos (standard photo size) or you can purchase smaller sized paper (even paper with a sticky back for sticking to you know, things!).

The great thing about this printer is the value for money per paper. If you were to use a Polaroid camera for example, the cost of each sheet can be quite costly, but with the Canon Selphy printer you can get 108 sheets of paper plus an ink cartridge for around £33. I think that has to be one of the most cost effective ways to print from your mobile. 

Canon Selphy Printer CP1300

Admittedly the print quality isn’t super high quality as you may get on a home printer, but for being able to capture in hard copy your favourite memories to keep for yourself or share with a loved one, it’s a great way to do this and one of the most affordable methods too.

You can purchase a Canon Selphy printer at for £99.99. The paper and ink set are brought separately.

I hope that some of these products may of inspired you to check them out. All my reviews are my own and this is not a sponsored or endorsed post in case you were wondering!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to another post coming your way soon.


Abbie xxx

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