Vintage Shopping at Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale

This year I have really got into Vintage and Second hand shopping. I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s the fun of finding one off pieces, perhaps its being more cost effective. Whatever it boils down to, I like it.

So when I saw that a pop up vintage shop was coming to Brighton, I knew I had to be there.

The Preloved Vintage Kilo sale is a pretty simple but effective set up. They tour the country, popping up in major cities across the year, with rails and rails, and rails, of vintage clothing, from the 60’s, 70s, 80’s and 90’s.

Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale

You turn up and que, then you are let into an area with all the rails and you simply rummage through till you find the items that catch your eye.

There are scales dotted around, so you can weigh as you go as they charge you per 250g. A kilo is £15. You fill up a clear bag of all the items you want to purchase and at the end you pay based on the weight of your bag…

… so what was it like at the event in Brighton you might be thinking?

The Pop Up Vintage Shop in Brighton

So I rocked up at about 9:30am in Brighton. The event was opening at 10am and being that I was a Preloved Vintage Kilo sale virgin, I wasn’t sure on if there would be a que or not at this time.

Upon arriving there was a que of about 25 people already, so I joined the back of it. A gentleman came along and asked if anyone had a pre advance ticket. A few of us, including myself said we did and we got a wrist band and a stamp on our hand to verify we could be the first to enter the pop up shop- yipee!

At just before 10am, myself and the other pre-advance ticket holders were told we could enter the pop up and shop and get first hand pick at the rails.

The pop up shop was split into several sections, hand bags and trainers at the back, women’s dresses, jumpers and denim jeans, dungarees, denim shorts, t-shirts, hoodies and zip up tops, shirts and coats across the rails.

I had no logic of where to look first. It was like a free for all, just hit the rails and find what you’re after before someone else nabs it.

I headed to the bags first, as no-one else had and I thought I would then get first dibs at the selection.

I picked up a tan cross body bag with animal skin across the front. The inside label said Made in Italy, and we know that the Italians make great quality hand bags.

I then had a rummage through the rest of the rails. You had to squeeze in to get a good look through as the rails were pretty compact of stock. You could be one side flicking through the t-shirts and there would be someone else on the other side looking through the same t-shirts. Still everyone was pleasant and there was no fighting over who picked up the item first.

After looking around for about 50 minutes I decided I had looked enough and found what I was happy with.

There was the temptation to hang around as as soon as a rail became low on stock, they brought out even more items.

Being that I had to carry what ever I purchased around with me, I selected a few items and went and paid.

My bag of goodies was weighed and I paid by debit card. Easy as that.

What Did I Get?

So like I said I had no set agenda on what I wanted to get, I was going for the experience and the ability to hopefully pick up some items at a reasonable price.

This is what I got…

  • A light purple Superdry Hoodie
  • American Biker vintage t-shirt
  • Gas denim jacket
  • Old Navy dungaree shorts
  • Tan leather belt
  • A tan Italian leather handbag

With the cost of the pre-advance ticket (which includes the cost of 1 kilo of items) at £15 and the remaining balance to pay was around £23, so in total I paid around £38. Which if you break it down per item, that’s an average of £6.30 per item.

I think that’s very reasonable as I did get some branded items. I would of liked to got more (who wouldn’t!) but it would add up and be too much to carry!

I would definitely go to another one. I think it’s returning to the South Coast in October.

Final Thoughts

This is a clever idea. You curate a rather large selection of vintage items (which never age!) and you then sell them as bulk purchases at venues across the UK.

And as it’s only available at selected times across the year, it builds up demand. 

And for the customer, you get one of the biggest selection of vintage clothing I know off at great prices.

It was well managed and handled and there was plenty of staff on hand to assist with any queries and get more stock out.

If vintage is your thing then check out their Facebook page https://www.facebookcom/prelovedkilo/

And if you want to read about some other great destinations for vintage clothing on the south coast, check out my previous post here.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie xxx


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