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Dear Blogger platform, I’ve moved on. It just wasn’t working out. It was the cliche; it’s me not you. So I went where the grass is greener. And it was a decision well made moving to WordPress.

For three years now I have been using trusty old Blogger as a platform to create my blog. When I started blogging back in August 2015, I was a newbie and Blogger seemed like a safe and dependable friend, ready to take me in and look after my blog, no fuss, no drama.

And for three years it did. But like most things in life, you grow up and move on. And that is what I have done recently. I took the plunge into the unknown, bid a farewell to Blogger and launched myself into WordPress.

Whenever someone used to mention WordPress to me prior to migrating over to the platform, I would shudder and think ‘oh no, that’s too risky and technical for my liking’ and admittedly if I did it myself I would almost be 100% correct on that assumption.

So why did I decide to make the move? Basically I wanted to use a more up to date platform. Blogger is great, it’s free, super easy to use and there’s no problems with hosting to worry about. But it does come with it’s limitation.

Being that Blogger is Google owned I would imagine the platform would have an over haul to bring it more up to date. But alas it hasn’t and it remains like a site from 2008, not 2018. Not knowing much about WordPress, other than how much people rate it and recommend making the move, I bit the bullet and did just that.

How did I do it?

With help from a trusted website I have used previously for Blogger templates; Pipdig. One of the residing reasons I had not made the commitment before to come over to WordPress before was a cost issue. Unlike Blogger, it doesn’t come free (I think there is a free option, but it is limited in its abilities). When I looked into I worked out I needed to pay £134.99 in total to make the move. Yes, I agree that’s quite a lot.

As I said previously, you could do it yourself for far less, but I didn’t want to take the gamble, so I paid £39.99 for  yearly hosting on Site Ground (which the price was on offer when I did it) as Pipdig recommended I used this to self host.

I then paid Pipdig themselves £95 (again a discounted on offer amount) to do all the leg work for me. After making the payment to Site Ground (which was really straight forward), I sent over to Phil at Pipdig all the info he needed to do the migration for me.

It’s worth adding that in the £95 fee to Pipdig, you do get to chose a new blog template from their website should you wish and this comes in the £95 fee (some of their templates alone are around £40).  Phil needed my Blogger log in details, Site Ground log in details as well as my Go Daddy log in details (for my domain name) and with that he was on his way.

I can’t tell you the exact process Phil took to make the migration happen, but after three days, the set up was complete. Apart from the initial emails with the details he required, Phil did it all and I just had to sit back while he did it. Throughout most of the process (until my blog went live on WordPress) my blog on the Blogger platform was still active. So there was only a couple of days when my blog was down (well at least on my computer) as I waited for my internet provider to refresh their server so it would pick up my new blog location on WordPress.

Phil was at the end of an email and replied to all my emails- even the one where I was like ‘why isn’t my blog showing on my computer!’ while I waited for it to update on my WIFI.

So now here I am a few days in and I’ve found WordPress very simple to use so far. I’m sure there are some more in depth options to get my head around, but all the typical functions are there; Pages, Comments, Appearance, Settings etc. The interface feels more modern and just better. Like Blogger there are Widgets or Plug Ins. I’ve only added a couple, but there is one that is great for helping with SEO called Yoast. It gives you red, amber and green bullet points to indicate what you need to do to you post to make it more SEO friendly- so resourceful! So if a Plug In can do it for me, then all the better.

Wordpress screen dashboard

It’s still early days to say whether this really is the better way to blog, well at least for me. But so far so good.

Writing this here blog is as simple as writing in Blogger, so if you have reservations about using WordPress, it really isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Still lots to learn to make the most of it, but as I do want to step my blog up a gear I do think this is a worthy thing to do.

I hope that may of shed some light into moving over the WordPress. If you use Pipdig to do it for you, then you really have nothing to fear.

I’d love to know you’re thoughts on Blogger vs WordPress. What makes the better platform and why?

Until next time,

Love Abbie xxx

P.S. If you do use Blogger and want to find some useful websites to make the most of it, then give my blog post

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