What’s in my make up bag

Last time I did ‘What’s in my make up bag’ post was just over a year ago, so I thought an updated post is long over due.


I’ve been using a lot of warm tones for my skin, more because it’s been so damn cold this Spring (apart from this mini heatwave we’re currently having) and I like the more berry and gold tones to brighten up my look.

If you were to go rummaging through my make up bag, you’d not find many high end brands. I’m a drug store woman, show me a Superdrug or Boots and I’m there. If I could justify the cost I would love to purchase from Becca, Hourglass and Chanel. But alas my bank account is more favourable to spending on Rimmel, Makeup Revolution and NYX.


So with that said, here are the products I am currently reaching to at the moment…





Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in shade 200 soft beige


This is my second bottle of this foundation and I love it. I often end up getting a shade of foundation that is not quite right but I’ve found a pretty good match with this one.

It doesn’t give as full coverage as the packaging suggests but it does give enough for me to happily keep using it. The texture is not too thick, neither is it too runny. As Goldilocks once said ‘it’s just right!’.

I’ve found it doesn’t need much touching up during the day, I normally apply it in the morning and leave it for the rest of the day. No fussing about which I like. A pretty good all round product at a drugstore price! 🙂





Obession Makeup London Conceal in Cool Medium


Whilst also in Boots looking at the foundations I came across a new section from the brand Obsession. I love their mono eye shadows as they are really pigmented and only £2 each!

So when I saw this conealer I was intrigued to give it a go.

The application is much like Maybelline’s Age Rewind concealer (you know the one with the spongey round applicator top, where you click for the concealer to seep through).

This was reasonably priced so I thought it was worth the risk to give it a go.

The product comes through the sponge head and is easy to apply under my eyes. I then use a makeup blender sponge to blend this in. I wouldn’t say this would cover the darkest of bags (and I should know!) as I’m yet to find the Holy Grail of concealers. But this does do some work to cover them and stay put for the best part of the day.



Bronzer and Highlighter


I heart Makeup Bronze and Shimmer pallete


I am instantly drawn to this brand as I love the packaging. Each one looks like a chocolate bar. Sweet!

But I don’t judge a book by it’s cover with this one as it also has some pretty shimmery highlighting and bronzing shades inside.

On the left are the more cooler tones and on the right are the more warmer tones for bronzing. The shades are quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I do espeically like the lighest shade for highlighting as it is a very pale pink pearleque hue to it.

This is also a nice compact size, ideal for make up bags.






Convertable colour Dual Lip and Cheek Cream in shade Lilium


Since I purchased the Stila eyeliner (a God send- more later) I have wanted to try more of their products. So I recently picked up their Lip and Cheek cream compact as I loved the colour of the blusher.

Lilium is a soft dusky pink shade which I think would suit most complexions.

I have been using powder blusher but I find it can look flat and matt, so I wanted to find a creamy version instead to add a bit of a sheen to my cheeks.

As the name suggest it can also be used on the lips, but I haven’t tried it yet as I’m not sure I want the same shade on my cheeks and lips!





I heart Make up in Chocolate Rose Gold palette


Another I heart Makeup product that I love. The packaging again looks like melted chocolate in rose gold on the outside which is so pretty.

The shades inside are all warm shades, in gold, pink and brown varying from shimmery shades to matt finishes.


The palatte has some reddy pink shades I would say are not too far a miss from Urban Decay’s Heat palette. I’m quite drawn to the pink shades and tend to use the pink shimmery one as a base and add depth with the dark pinker shades.


And the other great thing about this is that it smells like chocolate!





Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in intense Black


I had seen reviews of this eyeliner and how much it had been praised as an great all round product. But seeing is believeing so I picked this up from Marks and Spencers to try it out for myself.


I have used previously similar eyeliner pens (I can’t get on with kohl or ink liners) and whilst they do create the desired look not being waterproof has been their down fall. For example, I needed to pick up another Stila eyeliner recently, but had yet to do so. So I used one of my other branded eyeliners and went about my day. On that particular day my eyes had decided to be watering and as a result my eyeliner has smudged all onto my eyelids. Such a great look!


But I’ve nver found this to be an issue with my Stila eyeliner. It stays put all day as the name suggests and does not smudge or rub off at all. It really is the best eyeliner I can recommend.





Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash


I fell for the hype for the Benefit Costmetics Bad Girl Bang mascara. It certainly had a lot to live up to with it’s claims and for me it really was a bit of a let down. I found it too clumpy and really not a wonder product I was hoping it to be.


But Benefit do redeem themselves with their Roller Lash mascara. An oldy but a goody. I like the fact it gives my lashes definition as well as covering each lash. It rearely clumps and doesn’t flake or smudge either. It’s a great fool proof and all round mascara.




Benefit Costmetics Instant Brow pencil in shade medium


This pencil I had prchased before Benefit did their eye brow products relaunch (all the silver coloured packaging) and I really like it as it is a good match for my eyebrows in colour.

I have a draw full of eye brow products I have tried but no longer use due to not matching my brows how I like.


The downfall with this product is that Benefit has disontinued it 🙁 But I have found a seller on Amazon selling it, which is where I got this one from and is my second one.


Why does it always seem to be the products I grow to love that get discontiued- feel like this happens all the time!





H&M cream lipstick in Chestnut


I will admit I don’t wear lipstick all the time when I do the rest of my make up. I think it’s because I know it will rub off almost as soon as I apply it so I think what’s the point!


When I do want some lip colour I have been using this lipstick from H&M and simply because I like the dark dusky pink shade.

I’d love to know what you’re current make up must haves are, it’s great to have personal recommendations rather than industry opinions. Drop a comment below and let me know!

Love and hugs,

Abbie xxx



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