The One With The Update


A big over due hello to you!

It’s been nearly a month since I posted on here, which since I started my blog is the longest we’ve been apart!


I wish I could say I have been bossing it and living life to the full, but the honest truth? I’ve just been doing the day job and pottering around on my days off. My mojo for blogging I’m still working on, but this evening I felt the desire to write a post. Short of having anything worth while to write about I thought I would do a catch up post.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been hibernating indoors, away from the persistent rain and cold and watching Friends re-runs. I started with Season 1 and working my way through each season and now I’ve finally made it to season 10.

It’s actually been a guilty pleasure to snuggle up in bed and get lost in the world of Ross and Rachel and co. It’s also been interesting to watch the series in chronological order and following the storylines. I tell you what, when Rachel and Ross were on a break, as it was aired over a week apart in episodes back in the 90’s, I thought they’d been a part for some time. But watching it now, they were only on a ‘break’ over one night!

I’m not looking forward to getting to the end as I’ve become accustomed to watching a few episodes each evening. So any recommendations of something similar I can watch, please let me know!



I’ve now got a week off work that I’ve booked as annual leave as it’s my birthday on Sunday. I’ll be the grand age of 34! I like playing the ‘Guess my age’ game at work, as no-one ever suspects I am the age I am. I’m blessed to be told I normally look about 10 years younger! And at times I feel it too!



At the age of 34, I am happily married. But no kids on the horizon, and I’m still renting. Aren’t I supposed to have a career, 2.4 kids, car and a mortgage by now?! Hopefully one day I’ll get at least some of those things but at my mid 30’s I’ve yet to make my mark. So if you’re a bit younger than me and think you need to be sorted by your 30’s. Please don’t pressure yourself to think you should be.

As long as you’re happy, then you’ll get where you want to be as and when you need to be.


The only other news I have is I got my hair cut. I’ve been growing my hair long for a few years now and dreamed of Rapunzel hair but my hair was just getting out of shape and condition, so I decided hair be gone and I got it cut into a long asymmetric bob. And I love it! It’s so much more easier to maintain and even though its shorter I like I can wear it half up, wavy, straight and it looks more in a style.



So with this week off, I hope I can come up with another blog post with some sort of topic. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Until then,


Love and hugs,


Abbie xxx




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