My Expectations and Realities of being a Blogger

I was watching a Youtube video last night and in it a Youtuber was showing her Zara haul purchases. Nowt wrong with that. Except she did declare she has put it all on her credit card and needed her viewers help to decide which items she should keep as she couldn’t afford to keep them all.
And that got me thinking about what the expectations are to be a blogger or social media influencer.
There’s always the finished article which tends to look polished which sets an expectation, but then there’s always the reality of creating this content.
So below are what I see as expectations and the reality of when I blog or use Instagram.

Enviable Wardrobe
Expectation: An Instagram profile of me wearing the latest fashion looks, shot in an artsy street location. Hair styled in a wavy, undone look, with air brushed make up and finished with the latest must have handbag.
Posing in a natural and flattering pose, striking that stance that looks like I’ve taken classes in how to pose like a model (or at least watched a Youtube tutorial or two).

Reality: A bank account hovering above empty every month as I over spend at ASOS to create said fashion looks. Clothes I only wear a handful of times despite the above financial impact. Photo’s where I feel I look like an inferior version of Zoella or any other stylish Influencer. Posing in such an awkward way I look like a statue.

Street photography
Expectation: Scoping out locations for great street back drops and then getting my Instagram Husband to take the perfectly shot photographs of me looking like I’m from a magazine editorial.

Reality: Traipsing around town trying to find that Instaworthy location. Instagram Husband huffs and puffs as I stand in selected location and try to work out the best pose.
Waiting for people to move along so I can get the photo without a random passerby in shot too. Me getting impatient as people just keep on coming by. I then get self-conscious as people look at me with bemused expressions.
With photo’s taken I then say delete to every photo to all but one, which I think I can save with some editing. Instragram Husband looks bored and doesn’t understand what was wrong with any of the photos.

Beautiful flatlays
Expectation: Dreamy flat lays of well placed items that create a look of opulence and chic. Colours and textures compliment each other and show off my latest high end make up purchases.

Reality: Trying to use natural daylight on a cloudy day to take photos. Struggling for what seems like hours to get the right lay out of items and never seeming to get it right. Googling for flat lay images to get inspiration, but still not managing to get it looking just right.
Scouring around my flat looking for items to add as props and playing around with them to work out what goes together the best for the better part of an afternoon.
Once taken photographs, editing and filtering the hell out of them to make it look like it was taken in a proper studio, not on a fleecy blanket in my bedroom.


Comparing myself to others
Expectation: Looking at my peers and idols and praising them for their well crafted content and being proud of what they are creating. Looking at my content and feeling proud too.

Reality: Looking at my peers and idols and praising them for their well crafted content and being proud of what they are creating. Looking at my content and feeling it is majorly inferior to anyone else’s and wondering why I can’t be as good as everyone else. Feel like jacking it all in several times a week, but using my peers as motivation to keep going.


Looking like I’m having the best time
Expectation: Content than belies my fun and active life. Full of all the must have places to be seen and hanging out with my friends looking like I’m having the time of my life.

Reality: Working full time, so most of my days I can’t post content of my day. Unless it’s to show the canteen sandwich I had for my lunch.
Out of work, photographing the locations I visit if I go to a near by town, making it look like I’m a go getting female, when I’m just an woman plodding along in life. Trying to recreate the scenes from other bloggers/Influencers to make it look like I’m having The Best Life. Who want’s to see my jacket potato and spaghetti hoops for dinner, or my tired face and ratty pj’s on my Instagram. No didn’t think so.

Getting sponsorship deals
Expectation: Brands that I love contacting me, saying they would love to collab with me. Perhaps send me some samples or even payment for working with them.
Getting sent all the best press releases to my PO Box and creating desirable content with them. Feeling loved as these brands have chosen me to work with.

Reality: The odd email from a brand that has no correlation to my blog, looking rather copy and pasted in content addressed to ‘Dear Blogger’ or miss spelling my name completely.
Getting sent an item and being able to keep it. Awesome! Feeling like being a blogger does has it’s perks. Then creating content that will satisfy the brand as well as my audience. Getting stressed as I want the article to read well and have great photos and in the end feeling like I’ve not managed to pull it off, but it’s done and will have to suffice.
Wondering at what point Mulberry will send me a new handbag to review.

Telling people write a blog
Expectation: Confidently telling people I blog and receiving looks of awe and interest and intrigue.

Reality: Not purposefully telling people I blog but friends and family catch on and I cringe a little bit inside wondering what on Earth they think of it but too insecure to ask. People asking what blogging is about, and this I don’t mind divulging. But knowing now they will go and have a look at my blog and hoping they are mute with their opinion (unless it’s good of course!).
Or having people look uninterested. Suppose it’s not for everyone.

Gone are the days of using a blog or Instragram to diarise my life, warts and all. It feels like to keep up with everyone else I need to create this perfect life image. Which at my age get’s a bit boring. I want to see realness, flaws, people being human and I hope in my content there is that element. I’m never going to be that Instaworthy or Blog Worthy person that people look up to. I simply don’t have the talent or wherefore to be like that. Not that I’m shading anyone who is, as I do have admiration for those who can do that.
But me, I’m just an every woman trying to fit in, as I have done all my life, but never quite getting there!

I hope you liked this. If you did, please leave me a comment below so I know there are people who are engaging with my blog as sometimes I get lonely not being in communication with my audience!

Love and hugs,

Abbie xxx


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  1. Unknown
    April 16, 2018 / 8:37 pm

    a great post and a very brave one as I'm certain many bloggers feel the same way as you do. I've only just started following a couple of YouTubers and they do make it look effortless, however some do show you the work that goes in and it is daunting. Of course the crazy reality is that if you can get big enough to get noticed you start getting help with it all…that's if you haven't gone nuts first 😉Keep doing what you do hun xx

  2. Abbie Chic
    April 16, 2018 / 8:46 pm

    Thank you. I guess anything worth having takes some work to achieve it. And you're right, if you get big enough there is the possibility of getting assistance to take your content to the next level. But for me it's me, myself and some help from the hubby! Thank you for reading my post xx

  3. Holly
    April 16, 2018 / 9:30 pm

    Fab post abbie. Right to the point. I find that when the most effort is put in you feel disappointed when it doesn't get as much love as one you'd spent 20 mins on. Speaking hypothetically. I love your blog and Instagram. Don't change for anyone xxx

    • Abbie Chic
      April 17, 2018 / 7:01 am

      Hi Holly. I know what you mean. I do find it demotivating when I have created content and it gets little or no engagement. I haven't given up with my blog despite this happening as I do love writing and that is what keeps me going. Thank you for your kind words xxx

  4. GlamorousandGeeky
    April 17, 2018 / 2:17 am

    This is really on point. Blogging takes a lot out of you. A lot. But I still love it!

    • Abbie Chic
      April 17, 2018 / 7:01 am

      Thank you! I can be draining that's for sure! But the passion for writing keeps me going. That and engaging with others 🙂 xx

  5. Kylie Hadfield
    April 17, 2018 / 12:13 pm

    Great post Abbie! Very on point too! I wish I had the money to blog beauty and fashion but lifestyle will have to do for now lol! Keep up the good work!Kylie |

    • Abbie Chic
      April 17, 2018 / 4:24 pm

      Hi Kylie. I'm glad others feel the same way, so it's not just me! It can be come expensive to have items to use for photo's and content. Unless brands want to kindly send PR products of course! But that doesn't really happen to me. I try and keep it real. You'll see no big hauls from me! xx

  6. Ashley Starfish
    April 17, 2018 / 3:36 pm

    Great post and definitely giving me a feeling of relief just reading it!I much prefer when people are real in their blogs, and try to do the same with my own. I was lost at a time where I was more trying to please the audience instead of just pleasing myself, and it took a toll on the content I was creating. In the end I say keep doing you because there's someone out there that enjoys something you know?-

    • Abbie Chic
      April 17, 2018 / 4:26 pm

      Totally Ashley. It can become consuming to create content that rivals others, but that's when it gets expensive. I try to keep it real with honest posts and real life fashion. I think that is evident! Thanks for reading xx

  7. Bianca | ThatGoldBee
    June 24, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Great post!! This is so true about the pressures to create exceptionally styled content all the time. I love taking styled photos and flatlays but it can take hours of fussing and then I don't feel like doing it again for a few wks. I have no clue how some bloggers do it day in and day out! But I love it when bloggers reveal the truths haha so a really great read and I'll make sure to follow the blog 🙂 xxBianca |

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