Day Trip to Arundel Castle


On a recent warm Spring day I took the liberty to visit Arundel in West Sussex. For those who aren’t familiar with Arundel, it is a quiet, small and be it up market English town near the south coast. Arundel is steeped in history, from the castle to the cathedral to the olde world properties dotted around.
You’ll find no high street fashion retailers (for those who like a shop high street brands then Arundel isn’t the destination for you) but there is wonderful cafe’s and coffee shops, along with boutiques and bookshops.


Looking up into Arundel town centre

Situated almost in the centre of Arundel is the castle. Now I hadn’t planned on visiting the castle on my visit but it had been a couple of years or so since I last visited that I thought it would be lovely to have a leisurely look round the castle and it’s grounds.

I won’t go and fill you in on all the history of the castle, as well, I don’t know enough to regale you with it, but what I will share is photographs of the castle to give you a taste of time gone by.

The castle has been lovingly restored and maintained to showcase how the castle would of looked during previous centuries. To tour around the castle there are different admission prices that allow you access to parts of the castle. Dan and myself paid for the Gold Plus tickets that allow you full access to all the public displays and rooms.

The Keep


The Keep



We started off with heading up to The Keep, which is up several flights of stone steps and had views from the top overlooking the local landscape. On the day we visited the weather was really warm and the skies were clear, so we could see all the way out to the coast and back over the the Downs behind.

We then returned to the main castle tour and walked around taking in the Armoury section, full of bows, arrow, cross bows, swords and suits of armours.


We then moved onto the main hall, with it’s beautiful stain glass windows.

On from this was the Ante Library, which has book cases running along each side full of old books. This room is decorated in rich red tones, from the carpets to the curtains. it certainly had a cosy feel to it.


Passing two of the tour assistant’s I over heard one of them telling the other, that one member of staff had knocked over one of the vases (I presume an old one) by accident and had to go and tell the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk (who reside in the castle). I would imagine the member of staff would of been quaking in their boots, but apparently this provided much merriement to the Duke and Duchess who just found it hilarious.
Not to say that we should all go and cause damage as it could be off with your head! (joke!).

Following on from this was the bedroom section of the castle. These are several rooms, with high framed beds, dressing tables and chairs. Each had their own look, but they certainly looked regale and oppulent. Fit for a King or Queen (or member of nobility).

Room in once Queen Victoria stayed in




The Drawing Room

After finishing the tour of the castle we returned to outside and headed to the castle gardens. The weather was still pleasant so it was perfect to walk around and take in the flowers and lanscaping of the gardens.





I would recommend a visit to these gardens whilst you’re there as at this time of year and throughout the summer months they are full of such beautiful blooms of flowers. Along with the flora there is also such beautiful water features. The sort you’d imagine in a royal garden.
There is also a herb garden, which is great for an keen gardners out there.

If you are visiting West Sussex over the summer time I would suggest you give the castle a visit. Even if you’re not a history buff, it is fascinating see a castle up close in such perfect condition.

I’d love to know if you have any recommendations for me to visit. Be it outside Sussex, be sure to let me know!

Love and hugs,

Abbie xxx


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