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You know when you feel like you need a good old pamper? Something to make you feel in a zen like state and all refreshed and revived. I had that desire recently, so I took to making my bathroom into a home spa.

Who has the cash to splash out on a Champney’s spa treatment? Not me for sure. So I DIY my own chill out session and here’s what I did to give you some inspo should you want to recreate your own one…

First things first, you need a good bath tub full of hot water and lot’s and lot’s of bubbles. I used Champney’s (see I can afford this!) A Well Earned Treat bubble bath. This smells so sweet and fragrant, it’s a must. I also make sure I’ve got my fave body wash Imperial Leathers Marshmallow shower cream. This is normally on sale for a £1 in most drug stores and smells just like a tube of marshmallows 🙂 

Also is an essential is a face mask or pack. Something to put on your face whilst you relax in the foamy bubbly water and is doing good all at the same time.

And reading material should you wish to zone out with a good read. If I get a new magazine I love reading it in the bath. No distractions, just focusing on the content. Get’s my mind to focus on the here and now.

If find some sort of foliage is great for creating a calming environment. I would use real plants, but I have no window to allow it to have some direct sun light, so the second best option is to go fake!

The larger potted plant I picked up in Homesense, which always has a great affordable selection. The smaller one I got from Primark. Which is another super affordable place to look.

Candles really help create that spa like atmosphere and whilst I would say go for real candles, I like to err on the side of caution and go for battery operated ones. Last far longer I’m sure as they don’t burn down and still offer the same ambiance.

Obviously real candles can be scented to add to that relaxing vibe, but if your using battery operated candles, they you could add a reed diffuser to add a soothing fragrance to your bathroom.

If you’ve ever had a spa treatment, then I can imagine there was some sort of calming music playing in the background. So line up your Spotify or YouTube on your phone or iPad and create a spa playlist to help ease away your stresses. (Note of caution, do keep well away from any source of water!).

Why not have some other of your fav toiletries to use. Here I have mini Molton Brown body and hair washes that I have kept from a previous stay at a hotel. You can also purchase mini toiletries from places like Boots. Not only are they great for travelling but it means you can spoil yourself without the price tag.

Lastly you need something cosy to get back into, so a dressing gown and your fav pj’s are essential.

And this doesn’t have to cost a fortune, head to Primark for super snugly slippers, dressing gowns and night ware.

I hope this has inspired you to go and pamper yourself, go on you deserve it! I’d love to know what you like to do to pamper yourself? Perhaps you like to do your nails, put on a hair mask or use your fav body lotion? Pop a comment below and let me know.

Lot’s of love,

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