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Shopping, ah one of my favourite past times. Yes it is a some what materialistic past time, but one I will admit I do enjoy. So yesterday I decided to take a trip along the coast to Southampton. For those geographically challenged this map will show you where it is.

Southampton in my mind become well known for where the Titanic set off for it’s ill fated maiden voyage. I believe you can visit the area should that be of interest to you. Anyway I digress.

I set off with Dan in tow on a Southern train to Southampton. Luckily this train doesn’t involve any changes so I settled down for the 50 minute journey with my latest copy of Glamour magazine.

We were lucky as the weather was being rather sunny and warm. Though you can tell Autumn is well on it’s way as the mornings are starting to feel fresher. When approaching Southampton the train travels around the harbour and river Hamble and there are some picturesque views to be seen.

Upon arriving in Southampton we exited the train station and headed towards the city centre. The retail sector of Southampton is a approx a 5 to 10 minute walk away. There are two iconic buildings that come into view as soon as you get off the train. They are Ikea and John Lewis.

John Lewis is a British department store and tends to be classed as more high end of the department stores. I do work for a smaller John Lewis in my hometown, but I do love visiting this one as it sells so much more than my store does, including fashion, beauty and toys. Talking of toys, the one department Dan and myself found ourselves in was the toy department. John Lewis have just starting to sell Star Wars toys on release of the latest film.
Dan brought himself a Darth Vader pen as he is a bit of a sci-fi fan and he is always scribbling away notes for his work.
We then spied a Lego advent calendar. Yes I know it’s only turned September but this is retail for you! Dan kindly brought me one as we thought if we didn’t get it now, it would prob sell out by the time we get round to buying it.

So yes, it’s the 3rd of September and I have an advent calendar!

At this point it was approaching 1pm and we were yet to eat! John Lewis sits on the side of a large shopping mall called West Quay and recently a new eatery section has opened on the opposite side of the mall. There are restaurants such as Bills, Nando’s and an American style diner aptly called The Diner.
As we had been in there before we decided to go again. I ordered a hot dog and fries and Dan went for a double cheese burger and fries. It’s a reasonably priced menu, where our meals plus drinks came to approx £25.
Service was great, the food arrived after about 10 minutes of ordering and overall I would recommend giving it a try if you ever are in the area.

View from outside restaurant of Southampton’s castle

After this I was itching to have a look in Primark. I find it can be hit or miss in Primark for finding those items that many Youtuber’s share in their haul videos.
I had earlier that morning tweeted how the Primark’s I tend to visit in my local area are a bit disappointing but I eat my words on this occasion!

I came away a very happy shopper! On the train when I was reading my Glamour magazine there was a feature for Primark and one of the items modelled was a black aviator coat. I have been after one of these since I saw Zoella wear one last winter. But alas most are around £80 and upwards.
When I saw that Primark were doing one for a mere £30 I was rather excited! But I anticipated they would be sold out.

But joy of joys, as soon as I walked into the store there was a section promoting all the items in the Glamour feature. And there was the jacket. I grabbed one like my life depended on it!
If it’s possible to love an item of clothing then I love this!

I also picked up a few more items from around the store, whilst battling through many a people. Including a teenager barging right into me and not stopping to say sorry. Cheers!
Well it was Saturday in Primark, a place most people would avoid ;p

 Aviator Jacket £30 Primark

 I picked up this tartan dress though I was in two minds whether to. It’s not my normal style but my thought process was I would team it with a pair of black boots, tights and a biker jacket or the aviator jacket for a cool autumnal look. This dress was £10.

For the cooler months coming ahead I thought this jumper would come in handy. I imagined wearing it with skinny jeans, light wash colour or black with a pair of biker books would be casual chic. This jumper was £10.

I’m a sucker for anything pink and I had to have this Aristocat’s Marie jumper for £8. I thought this would be perfect for autumn. I’ve teamed them with a pair of hounstooth patterned leggings I brought from H&M for £12.99
The Marie slippers are from Primark and are £4.00 and are super cosy!

I wasn’t expecting to find these two cute items, considering how popular they are but I did! I love Beauty and the Beast, it’s my fav Disney film so I couldn’t resist. Mrs Potts is £6.00 and Chip is £4.00.
I noticed the sales assistant had a box full of Chip purses, so I would say check out this Primark if you want to get your hands on one.

Finally I picked up this eyeshadow brush for £3. I have many blusher and foundation brushers but not many eye brushes so I grabbed this. I love the iridescent colour of it too.
The eyeshadow is from H&M for £4.99 and is in the pretty pink shade called Love Letter. Though I will be honest, when I got home, I did find I already has this shade! Not the first time I’ve done this, doh!

After checking out Primark, I headed to H&M and Victoria’s Secret and Pink.

H&M Window display

 Cute dress in H&M

 My #ootd – Black body from Hollister, black and white trousers River Island, white Converses and Topshop bag.

 Pink by Victoria’s secret

 Pink by Victoria’s Secret

One of my favourite shops is Tiger, or Flying Tiger as it’s now known. I love the whole array of items they stock and they are super affordable. I picked up a couple of homeware pieces and they are a ring holder in the form of a gold hand and a pink glass pot I am using for my cotton pads. Both were £3 each.

Lastly I took a trip to Ikea. In Ikea I headed straight to the Market Place and picked up a few items.

One of them is a faux plant and a gold pot to put it in. I also picked up some glass hand wash dispensers for the bargain price of 60p each!

I also brought a pink colour glass too as I wanted a new glass to drink from. Simple as that!

And that is my trip to Southampton. An enjoyable day out and I’m very pleased with my purchases (though I don’t think my bank balance is!).

Love and hugs,

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  1. Finja Kemski
    September 3, 2017 / 12:59 pm

    Hello dear Abbie,I had no idea that the titanic was starting from there! Reading your post, it looks like you had such a lovely day there. I love the aviator jacket!:) X finja – http://www.effcaa.con

    • Abbie Chic
      September 3, 2017 / 2:50 pm

      Hi Finja. I've taught you something, that's cool! Thanks for reading my post. I'm glad you like it 😊Xx

  2. Eleanor Pritchard
    September 3, 2017 / 6:34 pm

    I live about a 10 minute drive from Southampton and I think I take it for granted sometimes (especially the shopping!) the new food area is so lovely though and I've yet to go to the diner so you may have persuaded me!

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