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Blogging. It can be a fickle world. So much love but like anything there is also negativity floating around, bringing down bloggers and the amazing effort they put in.

So to fight back against the nay-sayers I am praising those bloggers who have individually inspired me. Be it introducing me to a brand I previously had never heard of or just simply making me raise my game and give me inspiration to blog.

So in no particular order these are just some of the bloggers who I have much love for…

Jemma aka Dorkface

When it comes to blogging Jem is up there in my opinion of top bloggers. What draws me to Jem is her openness and honesty with her life. She’s got a no bars hold attitude which I find refreshing.
Jem has a real passion for blogging and that show’s through her blog posts and love of engaging with her followers.
She has also built up the Girl Gang brand as well as her own Etsy store. Full of cute and some cheeky stickers to individual pieces of artwork, I just love her style.

I recently brought some stickers from her Etsy store and they now adorn my laptop. If you haven’t had the pleasure of discovering Jem, then do go ahead and check out her blog.

Victoria at InTheFrow

Victoria’s blog, In The Frow, gives me serious blog goals. There’s nothing I don’t love, from the gorgeous photo’s to the well written posts to the blog template. Victoria gives me real insight to what it is like to be a full time blogger working with various brands.

Victoria’s blog to me is quite unique in it’s design and I love that. It sticks in my mind and makes me want to revisit to see what beautiful photo’s she has uploaded and what outfits she is currently rocking.

I have also been watching Victoria’s vlogs on her YouTube channel which she show’s it’s not all glamour and pretty dresses. There’s the long days, lot’s of travelling, back to back meetings. She is one real #GirlBoss!

When I try to do fashion posts for my blog, often my inspiration is Victoria. I love the photo’s she has on her blog. Shame my photo’s never look as flawless as hers, but it gives me idea’s on how I can up my game.

Credit too to her other half for taking such awesome photos.

My own fashion style is quiet dressed down and very high street. But with Victoria as inspiration I am trying to be a bit more on trend and put together as I often feel a bit drab. I may not have the designer wardrobe like Victoria but it’s great to have someone to look up to for guidance on how to look like you haven’t just stumbled out of bed!

Abbey Louisa Rose

Abbey is a fantastic blogger and gives me real drive to be a better blogger. I’ve watched Abbey’s blog grow and flourish and seen all the hard work she puts in.

Abbey always comes up with great ideas for blog posts for out collabs and I so enjoy each month where we put together our posts. It’s exciting to know what each month will bring!

Abbey also really encapsulates what it is to be a blogger. She is so engaged with her audience and builds up great rapport with them. It gives me a kick up the bottom to remember to reply to comments on my blog and reply to emails!

I love the honesty and everyday-ness of Abbey’s blog. Seeing someone else’s life and what they do and where they go. It’s no wonder vlogs are called vlogs- they stem from blogs. Capturing real lives on screen.

I’d recently given up with Instagram. I wasn’t liking the photos I was posting, they all where rather random and engagement was low. But after revisiting Abbey’s Instagram account she has given me renewed vision on how to really make a great looking Instagram account. That’s another great thing about blogging, you learn from the best!

Show Abbey some love and go and have a snoop around her blog, you’ll love it!

Zoe Sugg at Zoella

Another awesome blogger who was the person who inspired me to start blogging. I have praised Zoe in previous blog posts and I’m not against repeating myself on how much I love her blog.

Zoe is another blogger who really has perfected the art of blogging. As you’d expect from Zoe, it’s a polished and well put together blog, with beautiful photo’s and well written and personable content.

I love that her blog has a seasonal element to it. Be it twinkling Christmas lights at the top of her blog or a Easter theme, it’s always super pleasing on the eye.

Zoe’s blog design was something I was trying to emulate for some time when I first started blogging. I played around with many, many blog templates before settling on the one I have now which I am happy with.


Though these are bloggers that inspire me to be a blogger, I want to also shout out to a few fellow bloggers who I also have much respect for as they too have awesome blogs well worth visiting and they are, in to particular order;

Zara at ItsallZara

Lydia at MademoiselleWomen

Rachel at Our Rachel Blogs

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, and if you have any you care to share with me please do comment below!

Love and hugs,

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