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Hello and welcome to this new series of monthly posts I am calling ‘In the Bloglight’. Catchy title eh!
The aim of these forth coming posts are to introduce a fellow blogger each month and get to know them a bit better by asking them to answer a series of questions.

Nothing too evasive, but some questions to find out what make’s each blogger tick and learn more about what blogging means to them.

So to start things off I thought I would answer the 15 questions I have posed and then I will tag another blogger to answer the questions on their blog.

Let’s get started and here is question 1:

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Ok, great place to start! I’m Abbie and I am 33 years old and I currently live in Chichester, West Sussex which is on the south coast of England. I live in a rented flat near the centre of Chichester with my husband Dan. I have been blogging for nearly two years and I blog about fashion, beauty, but mostly lifestyle and homeware.

Blogger's desk

2. Describe how did you first get into blogging?

I stumbled across Zoella’s blog just over two years ago and really liked what she had created. I’m not one for being on YouTube, so I thought this was much more my medium. I have had a passion for writing ever since I can remember so I thought a blog would be the perfect way to indulge my passion for the written word and let my creative streak run free!

3. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

That is an on going battle! Working full time means I don’t have as much free time as I would like. I tend to use my days off to blog. I also use my free evenings to blog as well. I don’t have a very active social life so I can use my down time to blog which has become my hobby for the last two years.

I endeavour to post twice a week and will normally have one post ready to go live, whilst I then work on the next post.

4. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

From blogging, I would say not working on the logistics of my blog. And with that I mean the SEO, meta tags, my DA score etc. I imagine if I managed to get those performing better my blog would have more exposure, but to me my blog is about the content and the connection to the reader, not the nuts and bolts. But as the question asks, I do think not paying that enough attention is a failure on my part!

5. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?

Might sound a bit cheesy but getting married! I dreamed as a young girl that I would love to get married one day and to make it a reality is amazing. To find someone who I wanted to married is better than winning the lottery!

I’m not someone who takes many risks, I tend to err on the side of caution so I don’t have many other achievements. Perhaps I need to live a little?!

6. What do you do in your spare time?

Um, blog! I also love reading. Chick lit is my fav genre of book. I find that if I’m feeling anxious then lying on my bed with a chick lit book, which tends to be a relaxing read helps me feel calmer.

I also love getting lost in a great story and wanting to keep reading and not wanting to stop.

Aside from reading I also like to do a bit of retail therapy when and where I can. And weather pending I like to go on scenic walks in West Sussex as there are some very picturesque areas to enjoy.

7. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?

Oooh tough one without leaving someone out! If I had to narrow it down I would include the Queen of Blogging Jemma at Dorkface. She is awesome as she is so down to earth and so encouraging of other bloggers. I would also include Abbey Louisa Rose who is a blogger who I have seen flourish in the last year or so. She makes a great blogger to collab with and has brains as well as beauty!

There is also Victoria from In The Frow. I love Victoria’s blog as her layout is slick and unlike any I’ve seen elsewhere. And she always looks amazing in her blog photo’s. She has given me so much inspiration in her blog photo’s. Something I try to emulate (but never quite achieve!).

Blogger desk

8. What’s the best thing a blogger can give to their readers?

Honesty. Being truthful is so important. If I found out a blogger had been untruthful (for their own personal gain) I would go off them straight away. I like to know what I am reading and seeing is not twisted to gain followers inorganically.

I have recently discovered the Youtuber Patricia Bright (I know I’m always behind the trend!) and what I love about her is that she is honest in her product reviews. If something isn’t good quality she will say and not as it were suck up to the brand to give glowing reviews even if it is rubbish.

I think when you get to my age, you become a little bit cynical and see through the BS and just want people to be honest.

9. What’s your favourite film/holiday destination/item of clothing and book?

Ok fav film is Moulin Rouge. And it has been since it first came out! Fav holiday destination is in the UK Bournemouth and outside the UK is Dubai. Fav item of clothing is a biker jacket. I have 10 of them in various colours and designs! My fav book is Letters from Lighthouse Cottage by Ali McNamara, a must have read!

10. If you could have one superpower for the day what would it be and why?

To rid the world of injustice. Those who are corrupt would get a good dose of karma and those who are generally good hearted would not suffer. Sounds reasonable?

11. If you could collaborate on your blog with any other social media personality, who would it be and why?

Well the dream would be Zoella as I think her and myself would get on so well, I feel we are quite alike. I already collab with Abbey Louisa Rose, so that’s one social media person I enjoy collabbing with, so anyone else would be a bonus!

12. What are your aspirations for your future? House, kids, marriage and or travel for example?

Currently my aspiration is to move to Bournemouth. With my husband and my finances we can not afford to get a mortgage so we would have to rent. But to live in Bournemouth, renting or brought house or not, as long as we are there would be fab.

Beyond that just to be healthy and happy is good enough for me! I’d love to get a cat and live in a lovely home with the hubby but beyond that I’m not fussy!

13. What is your family life set up? Do you live with family, other half, alone?

So I live with my hubby. Just me and him. Anyone else and I would feel uncomfortable. I need my personal space.

14. What has been your favourite purchased item this year?

This is a tough one! I wish I could say a car or holiday or something lavish like that, but I can’t. But I do love my dressing table which I got from a second hand charity furniture shop. Practical as well as aesthetically pleasing!

15. And finally what does blogging mean to you?

To be able to share all the things I love in words and photos and to be able to engage with other like minded people. Getting to know others who love the things I do is fab as with off line I wouldn’t know how to do this!

It's all Zara
Zara- It’s all Zara

So now you know a little bit more about me…now it’s another bloggers turn! August’s blogger In the Bloglight is Zara from It’s All Zara. Zara is a lovely blogger and I’m excited for you to read her answers to the above questions at the beginning of August. Be sure to check out my Twitter to look out for links to when it goes live.

Thanks also to all the bloggers who contacted me to be involved in this post series. I have your Twitter handles logged, so I will be contacting those who are selected in due course.

Thanks for reading!

Love and hugs,

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