Birch Box reveal for June

I love getting parcels through the post. When I was younger my aunty would sporadically send parcels in the post full of sweets, her designer hand me downs and designer make up she no longer used. It would be like Christmas had come early!

So fast forward a number of years and I have signed up to receive my own monthly parcel in the post. Birch Box, for those who have been living under a stone, is a monthly subscription service, where you get sent beauty products of various brands to try, tailored to your skin and hair type preferences.

This month was an extra good box, as the products didn’t actually come in a box, but in a rather pretty make up. Before I was sent this I was emailed to ask which of two colours I wanted and I opted for the pink with lemon colour stripes.

Inside the bag is 5 products, where one will always be a full size product. All this for £10 a month! What a deal!

So here are the products I received this month…

Ecotools- Perfecting Blender Duo

This is this month’s full size product and what a great choice! I recently saw this in Superdrug for £10, so effectively the rest of this month’s products are free!

This may shock those who are beautyificinados but I do not own a beauty blender! I only recently brought Real Technique’s face brushes. A bit late to the party! So to have been sent two beauty blenders is a real score!

I also love the Ecotools range- I have some of their make up brushes- as they are 100% vegan and cruelty free, aspects that make a brand have real value to me.

The sponges state they are also heavy coverage, which for my under eyes I need!

Scrub Love- Body Scrub

The great thing about Birch Boxes is they send you brands you may not of heard, so it’s a great way to discover new products. This one is a brand I have not heard of until now, but it looks fab.
I love tropical scents so this I’m sure smells amazing!
I also do have dry skin at times, so I hope this will help eliminate that. I’m going to save this for a special occasion as it’s the only packet and I don’t want to waste it!

Cowshed- Cowpat moisturising hand cream

Cowshed, this is a brand I have heard of. When I first started working in the company I work for, I managed the beauty section and Cowshed was one of the brands part of this section.

I love the tongue in cheek names, such as Horny Cow, Lazy Cow and Moody Cow.

This hand cream is ideal for my hand bag.

Cowshed use a lot of natural ingredients and in this hand cream there is Bitter Orange, Coriander, Cinnamon and Lavender. And you can definitely smell the Cinnamon!

Origins- Original Skin Serum

This is a sample size product and has a medicinal fragrance, maybe that’s the Willowherb but don’t let that put you off as it’s not a bad scent.

I don’t know if I need renewal serum for my skin and I do often get told I look younger than my years, so I think I may give this to my mum or sister to try and review for me.

Meech and Mia- Browliner pencil

Again another brand I have not heard off but a bit of Googling and they are an Australian brand, making affordable beauty products.

I’m always looking for a great brow product and whilst this one looks good, I think it maybe a too warm brown shade for me. But I suppose Birch Box don’t individually match to each person!

 Birch Box bag

Traditionally Birch Box products come in a box but this month they mixed it up and sent a make up bag instead! Which to me is a great idea, I’m bound to use this more that their boxex and I did need a new make up bag too!

My Overall Thoughts

My overall thoughts on this month’s selection is a big thumbs up. From the wash bag to the beauty blenders, a great selection of products.

But I do have one issue with Birch Box and that is this same box is being offered to new subscribers and if they enter a promo code they also get a free Ciate blusher. I commented on their Facebook page how I thought this was unfair to existing subscribers. For example I pay the same amount of money for this month’s subscription but if my friend signed up now, for the same price that I paid they would get a free product.

I understand their POV for wanting to draw new customers in, but it feels unfair to me for example who has been a loyal subscriber for about 6 months since I signed up and I see a new customer gets added benefits.

It’s important to also look after you’re existing customers Birch Box!

That aside I would recommend this to anyone who is deliberating signing up to Birch Box. Value for money, you’re quids in!

Love and hugs,

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