What’s in my bag

My bag is my fashion staple currently. Everywhere I go outside, it goes too! So I thought I would reprise this gem of a post and give you a nose into what on earth I carry inside it!

1. Passport
I purely carry this with me, as though I am a fully fledge adult (but do I often feel it?- no!) I do get mistaken for looking at least 10 years younger than my age (some say it’s a blessing). So in the event I need to prove I have reached my thirties, I carry this around with me.
I mean it’s normally if I go somewhere and I go to buy an alcoholic drink (which is never) and I need this as my ‘no I am REALLY 33’ evidence. But I like to be prepared.
Side note- the cover is from Cath Kidston.

2. Name badge and work pass
I carry this on me at all times as I know if I take it out my bag I’ll forgot to put it back in and as I’m in work 5 days out of 7 a week it need to know where it is.
The pineapple cardholder thingy (please send answers on a postcard if you know the technical name) is from Accessorize.

3. Keys and key ring
I have six keys on here, three of them I don’t know what they are for! I have a silver heart key ring which has ‘Abbie, never 4get UR a superstar!’ on it which is from a colleague who left a few years ago.
Half a Tatty Teddy key ring, which I hope Dan still has the other half. A Donatello TMNT Lego character key ring, an initial A key ring and my Waitrose and Tesco clubcard keyrings.

4. Zoella Sweet Inspirations body mist and Dove roll on
No-one likes to smell like they’ve done ten rounds in the ring, so to keep myself fresh I always have these to hand. I love Zoella’s fragrance, it’s such a sweet scent, which is just the sort of fragrance that I tend to buy.

5. L’Oréal Lip Paint/Matte in 211 Babe-In and Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 50 Nude Thrill
No handbag is complete without lip products. Be it lipbalms or lipstick. For me I love to have a bit of colour to hand and for me my lip products for every day wear tend to be in a nude shade.
These ones are both matt in consistency and looking on the back of the L’Oréal one, for one small product has a looott of ingredients! And L’Oréal if you are reading this the name Babe-In is a really not a great name. In fact anything with Babe in it’s name is not good in my books!

6. Hair tie and mini hair brush
Just for when my hair is having a moment (which is quite often at the mo) and I need to just brush it and tie it up to try and salvage a bad hair day.

7. Two pens
I tend to have these on me for work purposes, but you never know when you need a pen (all those autographs I have to sign-like never!).

As the main essential item for any hand bag. This one is from Topshop and I got it as it’s a good size for all my loyalty cards (I do like a loyalty card!) and is a similar style to my bag.

And that is it as there isn’t much room left for anything else! Thanks for checking out my blog- every view is a view that I treasure 🙂

Love and hugs,

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  1. Eleanor May
    May 21, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    That passport cover is beautiful! I have to take ID with my everywhere too because I look so young hahaEleanor | http://www.eleaanormay.com

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