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Ever since I discovered Breakfast at Tiffany’s I’ve been a bit besotted with Audrey Hepburn films. This led me to discover one of my favourite films she’s starred in; Sabrina. Filmed in 1954 it encapsulates the glamour and the sophistication of the era and I love it.

It’s the feminine and classic dresses from the 1950’s that I really love. The full skirts, fitted bodies and sweetheart necklines are so beautiful to me. So elegant and lady-like.

So when I recently saw on Facebook that a vintage clothing fair was coming to Southampton and on my day off too I thought I would go along and have a good old browse.
The event is called Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair and tours the country holding what is essentially pop up stalls of vintage clothing from the 1940’s through to the 1990’s. This particular event was held in the Guildhall in Southampton, an ideal venue for this event in the centre of the city.

Upon arriving I saw two women head towards the venue dressed in full 50’s dresses, hair and make up. I did have a little panic that I may of been under dressed but once inside there was plenty of other people in non vintage clothing to make me feel at ease.
Inside the venue there were various stalls full of clothing from different eras. Some from the 50’s, with dresses like Audrey would of worn, to 80’s shell suit jackets.
There was also lot’s of vintage accessories, like sunglasses, pin badges and iron on patches.
As we (myself and Dan) got there shortly after it opened it wasn’t too busy so we got to have a look around with out any fuss.
I was hoping I would spot a real bargain, or a gem of a find. But alas I didn’t. Though I do imagine these stall holders know when something is worth money and wouldn’t let a bargain slip through their fingers! It’s not like a car boot, these people seemed to run these stalls like proper businesses.
Anyway it was fun to have a look at clothes from different decades and marvel how fashion has changed over the years.

To me these days fashion seems a bit more throwaway and quick to change. I mean, how would you describe the fashion from the  2000’s or even the 2010’s? I could describe the 90’s, 80’s and earlier pretty easily. But since the 2000’s I think fashion has become more open to interpretation (which is no bad thing) thus making it harder to define.
Maybe we can look back from the future with more clarity but for now it seems a bit vague if you know what I mean?!

Proving my enjoyment of the vintage era, I previously had the opportunity to dress up in vintage clothing when I visited Goodwood Revival in 2014. For those of you who have not heard of this glamourous event, it is held annually at Goodwood Motor Circuit (which is a few miles north of Chichester- it’s local to me).
Some of the features at the event are vintage race cars to watch go for a spin around the track and then get up close to in the Paddocks, stalls selling vintage clothing and merchandise, a vintage pop up Tesco store and a vintage fun fair, plus lots of food stalls.
The best part of this event to me is that almost everyone who goes (and there’s normally over 150,000 people visiting over 3 days in September) dresses up in vintage clothing. I’ve seen almost every fashion trend that’s been since the 1940’s to the 1960’s showcased at Revival.

When I went back in 2014 I dressed in a vintage style dress, with a net skirt underneath, white vintage gloves from Ebay and a white clasp handbag I found in a charity shop. I felt so girly and feminine and dainty. I was such fun and I would recommend anyone who loves these era’s and loves dressing up to go. It is like you have stepped back in time!

Until next time, when I plan on being back to the future,

Love and hugs,

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