My May Favourites

Well May flew by in a blur. Apologies for the radio silence on here. Work has been a bit full on and I’ve been trying to make the most of the summery weather in the evenings by going outside for a change, thus leaving me little time to blog. Though I have a Saturday morning to myself so what better than to blog! 🙂
So this month there have been some ups and some downs that’s for sure, but I did have some purchases this month that brought a smile to my face that I’d love to share with you…

Instax Camera accessories

I brought my Instax 8 camera back in April and since using it I have discovered that it’s best to take photo’s away from bright lights as this tends to make the photo’s over exposed and for selfies you really need to see what you are taking a photo of as you end up wasting the film (least I do!).
So I had a look in Amazon and I found a mirror attachment to place on the lens to help see what you are taking a photo of for selfies.

A bit more scrolling on Amazon and I found that you can purchase accessory bundles for my camera and it works out quite affordable.
The bundle I got cost me £19.99 and includes:
Coloured lens filters
Selfie attachment (as a cute bunny!)
Camera case
Plastic frames for the photo’s
Cardboard frames and string and thread to hang up
Frame and photo border stickers
Camera bag strap

I think the selfie attachment and camera case it’s self is worth the money and the other items are fab too. I’ve already used the plastic frames to frame my photo’s. Here is the link to the buyer I purchased my bundle from.
Happy snapping!

#GIRLBOSS book by Sophia Amoruso

I really got into the GirlBoss drama on Netflix recently. I’m more of a Kimmy Schmidt, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend type of viewer than your 13 Reasons Why and Breaking Bad type of viewer. If it’s girly, romantic and funny then I’m there!

So I really loved this series which is very loosely biographical on the Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso. I love, love the actress Britt Roberston in this. She plays Sophia with such grit and attitude, I just loved how she brought the Sophia character to life.

Even though *SPOILER* Sophia is not with Nasty Gal anymore (which is sad really as with the book and the series you feel she really nurtured this from day one) I still wanted to read the book Sophia has written which is part auto biographical and part how to get ahead in the business world.

It’s full of inspiring, go getting quotes from people who have achieved success from the grass roots, as well as tales of how Sophia grew up and the scrapes and drama’s she’s faced before launching Nasty Gal. I would say this is a modern day version of Girl Power. Encouraging females to go out there and seize the world, whilst not taking any bull sh*t with it.

What I admire about Sophia’s journey to the top is how she is so passionate about her customers. She realises from her first eBay listing how crucial it is to ensure your customers are happy. She also had a number of knock backs on the way (like eBay closing her eBay store as she promoted her own social media channels on it, which was against their policy) but still dusted her self off and started again. She’s driven and not afraid to put in the hours and get her hands dirty. A real Girl Boss!

Getting Shorty!

At last the warm weather is upon us in the UK (well maybe not today but this week it has been) and I realised when sorting out of my wardrobe that I didn’t own a single pair if shorts. Two skirts and a lot of jeans yes, but not shorts!

So when I was in Tesco’s recently I saw they had 25% off their clothing ranges. Now I’m not adverse to supermarket clothing, you can find some gems and I did with these two pairs of shorts.
The first pair are light weight cotton material, with an elasticated waist band. I love the floral print on the checked pattern. I have so far worn them for casual day wear but I imagine it could dress them for a more smarter evening look, with a plain off the shoulder top and wedge sandals.

The other pair of shorts are a slightly more thicker cotton material, with a tie detail at the front and a paper bag waste band. These again can be dressed down or up dependant on the occasion.

The t-shirts I have styled them with are from ASOS and Topshop. The grey one is £12 and I just checked and is out of stock :(. The white cropped t-shirt is £9 (which I think is cheap for Topshop!).
And my new sunglasses are from Oasis for £16.

Now I just need to have some annual leave from work and some sunshine and I’m set!

Stickers by Dork Face Blog

The amazing blogger that is DorkFaceBlog had recently shared on Twitter that she had some new stock on her Etsy store. Well like I need convincing to buy something- so I headed over to have a look.

I saw these super cute stickers she had made and knew I had to have them. I put in an order and a few days later in the post they arrived and I love them! I’ve already adorned by laptop with them. I now need to refrain from sticking them around the flat as I don’t think my hubby would be impressed!

Like Sophia, Jemma is also a great example of being a Girl Boss, creating her own products and ensuring her customers are treated like diamonds!

You can visit Jem’s Etsy store here.

I hope you agree this is a small but perfectly formed round up of what I have been loving in the month of May.

I’m looking forward to some summery favs for June (and it’s mine and my husbands 3 year wedding anniversary and 16 year anniversary of being together in June!).

Thanks for reading and I hope to blog again soon!

Love and hugs,

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  1. Chloe Molineux
    May 28, 2017 / 10:17 am

    Thank you for sharing this, I really really loved reading through it and what you've been enjoying. I really want to read #GIRLBOSS, I've been watching the series which I love but I always connect on a deeper level with a book so I will have to give it a read. I bet it's very motivational and inspirational.Have a lovely Sunday, I can't wait to hear your June favourites :)Chloe @

    • Abbie Chic
      May 28, 2017 / 11:30 am

      Hi Chloe, thanks for the ever so lovely comment 😊 I would recommend the Girl Boss because ok for so. It's not that long so only took me a few days to finish it. I think the series helped me envisage some of the chapters but can be enjoyed without seeing the series. When the Spice Girls gave Girl Power I lived by it as a mantra and this I think is a great philosophy for girls and women alike. Glad you liked the post- hope you have an awesome Sunday too xxx

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