My Week Last Week #2

Hello and how’s your week been? Whatever it’s been, you’ve made it to the end and into a new week.
A new week and a new start 🙂

So last week was a week of working Monday to Friday. So not much to report on that front. Just getting up at 6am every morning- still not a fan of these early starts- and working through to 4pm, only to come home and want to crash out!

Though this weekend I am off and I also booked off this Bank Holiday Monday- 3 day weekend!
Yesterday I popped into Portsmouth to go for a little bit of retail therapy. I brought a few bits in Primark (see more in my new fashion blog coming soon- watch this space!). It was so busy in Primark as you’d imagine for a Saturday afternoon.
I do love Primark, where else can you find flip flops for 90p and t-shirts for £3? But some of their products are slightly questionable in my opinion. Where are these magical Primark stores that sell all the great clothes vloggers mentions in their Primark hauls? Sure I don’t find these gems 🙁

After this I ventured into Gunwharf Quays on Portsmouth harbour edge. Unfamiliar with Gunwharf? It’s a discount designer outlet centre. Though I do find this hit and miss on finding anything worth buying at a discounted price.
My fav store’s there are Cath Kidston and Gap. Though on this occasion I did pick up a couple of discounted items from Superdry. These I hope to feature on my new fashion blog.

And speaking of my new fashion blog. Let me explain a little about my thought process. Some would stay I’m still in the infancy stage of blogging and can I justify another blog? But I really fancied getting my teeth into a new project.
I did think I could add a fashion section onto this blog but I wanted this one to run along side but stand alone from this blog, which I call my lifestyle blog.
I’m certainly no model or fashion icon that’s for sure. I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember (I mean I worked in fashion retail for 10 years) and I wanted to share the fashion items and looks that I’m loving in the form of a look book.
I’m hoping as I progress with this blog my photo’s and posing will improve. I have a slight awkwardness in photo’s I need to over come!

So yesterday evening was spent getting the ball rolling with this. I’m hoping the template will be up and running before the Bank Holiday is out and my first post will be live. I also spent the week trying to come up with a blog title too and one just came to me yesterday. I will share as soon as the blog is fully live!

Though doing this fashion blog is not to say Abbie Chic will take a back seat. I still plan on posting on here. Perhaps once a week here and once a week on my fashion blog, still keeping to my two blog posts a week schedule.

Anyway I hope you’ve been having a lovely week and I wish you positive thoughts for next week 🙂

Thanks for coming by!

Lot’s of love,

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