My week last week #1

Dear lovely reader,

Hi there! I was thinking recently about the content of my blog and whilst I love doing blog posts about my monthly favs and tips to help you with blogging. I felt there was a personal element missing. And I then got to thinking that I would like to start doing a weekly round up blog post about my week just been and share what’s been happening in my little ole life.

So let me begin with the week that has just been….

Monday started with getting to work for 7am. Luckily I only work a 15 minute walk away so I can set my alarm for 6am (I just can’t commit to setting it any earlier than that!). This was also after a week off on annual leave so wasn’t the most enjoyable thing to be getting up at that time on a Monday morning.
Work was fine, not too many emails to catch up on. Though it was strange as my work buddy had left just before I went on annual leave so now it’s just me doing my role 🙁
The rest of the working week plodded on fine. Working on various things like staffing rotas, a new summer campaign and visual merchandising. It kept me busy being solo, let’s just say that!

As I finish at 4pm I can get home and still have some afternoon to enjoy, esp as the evenings are staying lighter for longer. I try to keep my evenings chilled, with some dinner, TV and perhaps some Twitter and blog work and catching up with Dan, the hubby’s, day.

On Thursday as I had a day off, I visited a local town called Worthing. Whilst in Worthing I popped into a British Heart Foundation store that sells second hand furniture. I happened to spy a pine dressing table for £30. Now after searching for a dressing table I knew this was a good price. Esp for a wooden unit. So I paid for it before it went (I noticed another customer eyeing it up so I got in there quick!) and booked in a delivery slot for this coming Tuesday.

I’m excited to get this as I was previously using my white Ikea table and drawers as a dressing table. Whilst nothing particularly wrong with this set up I really wanted to use this desk as a computer desk.
So now I have moved this into the front room and set it up with my laptop and all my lovely desk decorations I’ve been itching to display.
I now have a gap next to my bed ready for the dressing table. What is also great about this dressing table is it has drawers either side so I can properly store all my make up.
I have recently been using a multi-coloured draw set from the Really Useful Storage Company. Very practical but not so aesthetically appealing.

Friday and Saturday were work days, followed by a pizza delivery from Dominoes on Saturday evening. My health hasn’t been the best recently. I suffer from bad indigestion/pronounced heart beat after I eat a meal. It’s something I’ve been to the doctors about which I must chase up some test results. I wonder if my not so great diet has anything to do with it?
As such I have made a conscious effort this week to eat more healthily. My breakfast consists of a bowl of Special K. Then I try and have some wholemeal bread and chicken breast slices if I’m still peckish. Lunch I try to have some for of potato, like a jacket. And for dinner I try to have some veg with it.
So far I’m not noticing a massive difference but I’m hoping I will as long as I stick to it. I also don’t snack (apart from the odd packet of Monster Munch!). I cut out chocolate about 6 months ago and don’t eat many sugary snacks. I will say my skin has cleared up a lot since not consuming these. I never had really spot prone skin but I would get the occasional spot (which feels like the size of a mountain!) and I haven’t had hardly any spots since 🙂

And today (Sunday) has been another day off and a quite productive day. I listed on Gum Tree this morning that I had a computer desk and coffee table to go to a new home for free and within half an hour of posting the ad I had someone text me to say they wanted to collect it.
I also had a computer chair which was collected for £5. This was all inexpensive Argos products, but they were just cluttering up the flat and I just wanted to get rid. Esp as I need space for the dressing table to get into the flat.
Would say Gum Tree is the way to go if you want to get rid or sell any thing. Worked well for me.

Following that my sister came round and we went for brunch at a lovely café in The Witterings which is right by the beach on the south coast of England. Unfort as I don’t drive it’s not that easy for me to get to, but I hope I get to go again. The food was yummy 🙂

After fed and watered, my sister, Dan and myself popped over to see my mum (well wake her up!) and drop off some of my old clothes to her. We are similar in size so I think she likes having my no longer worn clothes. Though you should see my old bedroom at her home, it’s full from floor to at least a depth of 3 feet of clothes, from my sister and me over the years. Imagine we’d need a fleet of vans if we did a car boot 🙂

My sister kindly dropped myself and Dan back into Chichester where I picked up a new coffee table (yes- from Argos but this one is far nicer and is similar to one I saw in John Lewis). I then came home and with the help of Dan put the coffee table together. I then finished editing my video for my April Monthly Fav’s video and am now here writing this post.

Tomorrow is another day at work. Roll on 6am 😉

Anyway I hope you liked this slightly different style of blog post. If you would like me to continue then please do let me know below. Also I’d love to know what you have been up to this week.

Love and hugs,

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  1. GlamorousandGeeky
    April 23, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Sounds like a busy week!

    • Abbie Chic
      April 24, 2017 / 4:47 am

      Just a normal one really! Thanks for reading 😊

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