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So a while ago my husband saw that Derren Brown (yes him of the misdirection and showmanship fame) was doing a string of shows to a small audience in London. This is to test out the show he wants to take over to Broadway in NY (amazing really as I first saw him perform in Worthing in early 2000’s when he wasn’t that well known).

Being that my husband and myself has seen at least one show from each tour of Derren’s since 2003 we didn’t want to pass up this opportunity of seeing him perform, as it will be the last time for a while in the UK.

This also coincided nicely with the Glamour Beauty festival the following day too.

With this in mind we decided to make a weekend of it and booked a hotel to stay over. Dan (that’s the hubby) did some online searching to try and find a reasonably priced room. 

A few days later he told me he found a room that he thought I would really like but wouldn’t tell me more (the tease!).

Over the next few weeks he started to drop little nuggets of information, like the room is the only room in the hotel to be like this and that the décor is very much up my street.

I did pester him a bit for more details but I soon realised he wasn’t going to reveal more till closer to the time. Also I wanted it to be a surprise so I displayed some self discipline and refrained from searching on line.

I had luckily managed to get the Friday off work so Dan also booked for an additional night in the same room.

We headed up to London Victoria on the Friday and this was where Dan revealed the room he had booked was at The Grosvenor Hotel in London Victoria. 

I have stayed there a couple of times before but was a little bit disappointed it wasn’t a different hotel as I was looking forward to staying at The Ritz (joke!).

But upon arriving at the hotel (which is conveniently based next to London Victoria train station-you can get to the hotel without leaving the station!) and we booked in at the reception where the receptionist commented we ‘had the best room!’.

Dan had previously shown me a couple of photos of the hotel room online before so I had a basic idea of the room but only by these small glimpses.

We where then shown to our room by an American bell boy (or is it bell hop?!) who gave us a tour and history of the room.

The room is situated on the second floor overlooking the main road that runs outside the station.

The room is named after an Courtesan from the mid 1880’s called Cora Pearl. Not a name that rang a bell but I soon learnt that she was extremely well known for being a Lady of the Night and sleeping with a lot of well to do men of her time making herself a lot of money to boot.

She was very decadent in her tastes having a champagne filled bath and swans in her room.

The story goes she booked to stay at the hotel for three months but after only two nights the management heard of her trade and they turfed her out onto the streets.

Fast forward over a century later and the hotel decided to pay homage to Cora and right the wrong of her eviction and dedicate the room she stayed in to her.

And I’m glad they did as the room was definitely up street. The hubby did good! Admittedly it is all reproduction interiors but it still looks very grand and opulent.

There is a kingsize bed (which to my sisters request I did have a little jump up and down on!). Above the bed is a large portrait painting of Cora herself, looking very elegant.

Either side of the bed features a silver painted bed side tables complete with coordinating lamps. In the left hand corner of the room is a very high backed arm chair, for all those tall people!

And at the end of the bed a chaise lounge for if the bed isn’t enough to sit on!

The windows were dressed in long and expensive looking curtains with tie backs. Sitting in front of one window are two padded chairs with chiffon material cushions with a mirrored table nestled in between.

The wall opposite the bed has a tv with a frame around it! And a fully functioning fire place. Though I’m not used to a hotel room with a fire place, so I kept on turning on the noisy air con for warmth!

On the end of the wall with the TV is a space with shelves going through to the otherside of the wall in the bathroom area which I thought was quite clever, allowing more light to come in.

Dotted around the room are framed photo’s of Cora to give a glimpse of the women herself. Over into the bathroom is a white roll top bath with silver clawed feet. We were told the bath is an infinity bath and will not over flow. I didn’t get to try it out though, so I trust it won’t flood the room if left unattended!

Behind the bath is mirrored panels, so you know you can admire yourself in the bathroom! Opposite the bath is a mirrored side table (they like their mirrors!) with a lamp, tissue holder and faux Hydrangea’s in a glass pot, with you guessed it a mirrored wall behind.

To the left is a silver wardrobe with mirrored panels. Complete with complimentary waffle bath robes and slippers. But alas to my shopping in London during our stay I literally had no room to take the robes home!

The toilet is situated in a small room off the bathroom, with a glass door handle on the door. The toilet has a cistern above it like it would of been for Cora, with a white sink and toiletries.

By the door to the room is another mirrored side table with more framed pictures of Cora.

This room isn’t to everyone’s taste but I liked it. Clean, feminine and calming was the overall feel I got. If you ignore the thundering traffic outside! I love the film Moulin Rouge and this room makes me think of something from that era, perhaps if Satine has become an well known actress she may of stayed in a room like this.

As part of the room offer we also had access to the Executive Lounge, situated at the end of the corridor of our hotel room. This comprises of high backed leather chairs, with tables, a large wall mounted tv and complimentary drinks and snacks!

I still haven’t gleamed from Dan how much this cost but I would say it’s slightly more than we would normally pay! Overall the stay was great, with a luxurious room and attentive staff.
I have also stayed in the standard rooms before and they are of high standard too, so a hotel well worth a stay in. (Not sponsored in anyway).

Thanks for taking the time to read and look out for my next post which is when I went to the Glamour Beauty Festival.

As always, love and hugs,

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  1. Nicole Merza
    March 31, 2017 / 9:55 am

    This hotel looks so fancy, wow! Lovely photos :)Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • Abbie Chic
      March 31, 2017 / 3:35 pm

      Thanks Nicole! I was very lucky to have stayed in such a pretty room. Too nice not to share 🙂

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