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I would like to add to this above collage that the reason for the heels was I was trying on as they were so high!

Before I start this post I want to disclaim that I am no fashion maverick. I mean I think that’s pretty obvious and over the years I have worn what I thought was passable outfits. But recently looking back over some photo’s from my mid to late 20’s I can see how far off the fashion compass I have been.

I mean I did have some better moments, what with working in fashion retail for 9 years but the photo’s I have shared above do not show evidence of that!
I would say even now I have a casual look, normally opting for a piece of denim and adding some detail or pattern with tops and jackets.
I’ve played it safe with fashion and still do to some extent.

I’ve loved fashion since my late teens (earlier than that I didn’t give much of a think to what I was wearing) and despite my faux pas have tried to look presentable. Except from these photo’s my trying was way below the fashion bar.

Co-ordination never really worked, neither did shape or accessorising. I think my style stemmed from purchasing cheap clothes and not knowing how to put a look together.
Nowadays there is Pinterest, Instagram and Polyvore to name just a few sites to help inspire your inner fashion mogul. Along with fashion bloggers who look fresh off a catwalk, there’s always somewhere to guide you into what looks good together.

Pre- social media all I had was pop bands, magazines and tv shows for inspiration. Pretty limiting in todays climate. But I also would say that I was probably happier in less fashion forward clothing a few years ago.
There wasn’t the pressure or expectation like there is now with social media and the press. I feel for young girls being born into a society where it’s all about fashion and make up and looking styled.
Least I grew up dressing how I wanted to and not feeling that I had to confirm to a certain look.
I mean you’ll see in the photo’s above I certainly stuck to a parred down look.


Fast forward to the last few years and I feel I have stepped up my fashion game, even if only by one notch!
Blame the media (as I have previously) but I try and think about what I step outside the door in rather than throwing on any random jumper and jeans.
That’s not to say I have my fashion style sussed, more I work out what looks good together and creates a more put together look.
I used to buy tops and trousers and not think if they actually went together. Veritably they didn’t and out would come the ‘I’ve nothing to wear look’ time and time again.

I have noticed though looking at the more recent photo’s of myself that I do wear a lot of denim. But when I do I try and team it with a t-shirt that looks a bit more on trend, a pair of shoes that go well with the clothes and also work out which jacket and bag looks best to finish the look.

Sometimes I’ll just not be able to think how to style a particular item, but usually a quick visit to the aforementioned Polyvore will show me looks that go with that item.
I think if I was to try and describe my current style, I would say imagine Zoella’s wardrobe and I tend to follow her fashion vibe.

I think fashion is all about individuality and personality too, so I do try to seek out a random item or two as to not always follow the pack. For example the green parka with rainbow colour trim, or customised Converse trainers.

With this here blog it has made me more aware of what I look like, be that good or bad and I consider that if I go out and take photo’s for my blog on a day out, that I have an outfit on that I feel looks ok.
I don’t want to come across looking like a complete state if I can help it!

I used to think when I was in my teens that when I got to my 30’s I’d be in tailored outfits, looking all Victoria Beckham (well not VB as she wasn’t a style icon back then but that sort of style) but instead I dress quite the opposite. No power dressing for me, more dourer dressing!

Anyway I’d love to know how you’ve developed your style over the years and if you have any fashion faux pas!

Thanks as ever for coming by. Your support means a hellova lot to me!

Love and hugs,

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