Glamour Beauty Festival

One of the reasons I visited London recently was to attend the Glamour Beauty Festival.

This is like an exhibition of all the beauty brands that I love held in the Saatchi gallery in London. Also there are talks by top beauty experts, including the likes of The Frow and Naomi Smart.

Last year I went to the first ever Glamour Beauty Festival so I was keen to return again!

Dan kindly paid for the tickets which were for the whole day on the Sunday and included a talk in the morning with a number of Youtubers and a goodie bag full of well, goodies!

We arrived at the venue around 9:40am on a drizzly Sunday morning and after having our tickets scanned to enter we headed to the top floor to collect our goodie bags. I also signed up for a years subscription of Glamour magazine for £9. I did this last year and loved receiving my magazine in the post each month.

The Goody Bag contents 🙂 Photo credit: Glamour Magazine

We had a talk to attend at 10:30am but we still had some time to kill so we wondered around to see what brands were at the festival.

Saatchi Gallery has three floors, with large rooms on each floor and all being plain white so makes a great canvas for any event’s held there. Every time I come here it reminds me of the time I first visited the gallery to help dress models for a Look magazine fashion show. A great experience that was!

Anyway back to the Beauty Festival. The talk we went to was hosted by Glamour Beauty Editor Alessandra Steinherr. Her guests were Frankie from the Saturdays, Victoria of The Frow, Samantha Marie of YouTube fame and Naomi Smart also from YouTube.

During the talk the guests shared their beauty must haves, including Victoria’s need for clear waterproof mascara to help hold the curl of her lashes and Victoria’s love of L’Oréal Micellar cleansers.

After the talk I continued to look around the venue as there was still so much to discover!

There are a great range of well known names including GHD, Elizabeth Arden, Eyelure and Garnier to name a few. I decided to get my hair styled by a GHD stylist as I love a wave in my hair (any help is much appreciated!). There was quite a few others wanting the same service too so I had to wait for about an hour! But I was worth the wait as the stylist used a hair waving appliance I’m now wanting to buy!

After this I found Dan waiting patiently on a sofa in the next room. At this point I felt I’d seen all the brands I wanted to so we decided to head into the now raining afternoon. Saatchi Gallery is in Kings Road, Chelsea so I decided to pop into Peter Jones to have a snoop around one of the flagship john Lewis stores. I quickly found the beauty department and purchased a Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow stick. This product has two ends, one colour is pearly nude colour, the other end is a shimmery bronze colour. I love shimmery eye colour so this was my little treat (not that I needed any more, I had a whole goody bag full of beauty products!).

After this we returned to the hotel and then caught a train back home after a busy and full packed weekend 🙂

I’m hoping to go again next year to the beauty festival, but I hope this time they might have something a bit different as both years have been quite similar and it could get a bit samey if they repeat the same formula each time.

Anyway thanks for reading and who knows there might be a beauty giveway coming your way in April!

Love and hugs,

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  1. shopperdivaS
    March 25, 2017 / 10:59 am

    How awesome! That goodie bag had some great stuff in it!!

  2. Abbie Chic
    March 25, 2017 / 11:49 am

    I know! And I have two of them as Dan got one too! Might have a giveaway next month ��

  3. Pazzta Tali
    April 15, 2017 / 5:40 am

    The space itself is great. The bar and restaurant at LA venue occupies two levels, with a great balcony looking out over the city. I had a great time people watching, especially since it was close to festive season.

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