Couples Valentine’s Q&A

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are rocking it solo or loved up, I hope that if you celebrate the occasion you have a lovely day!

With the spirit of Valentines I thought I would do a Valentine’s Q&A with my husband Dan (find out more about Dan here and on twitter). We have been together for 15 years and married for over 2 years. We tend to get on well and enjoy spending time together.

We just like any other couple really, we have petty disagreements from time to time, but at the end of the day we always make sure we don’t go to bed on an argument.
We got married in our local town and we rent in the same town. We have no children, I’m enough of a child as it is!
We have a number of shared interests but enough of our own interest too so we always have things we can share with each other.

P.S. Not trying to sound smug, just thought it would be nice to celebrate St Valentines tradition with some romance….share the love!

So without further ado, here is our Q&A…

Dan: I try to fit all work around when Abbie is off so that I can spend time with her. This means sometimes I will work late into the night after Abbie has gone to bed, and will work when Abbie is busy.

Abbie: Yes, Dan does work late into the night! Dan tends to work the same hours as me as he is self employed, so we often have the same days off together. We do like to ensure we have time together, as we are friends too, so we like to have leisure time together to go shopping (well I drag Dan along!) or walks in the woods (Dan drags me along!).

 Dan: Pajama’s, iPad, comfy things, and romantic literature books

Abbie: Dan can happily live without much at all. But Dan is fond of all his hundreds and hundreds of books. And his Elvis collection and anything to do with hypnosis!

 Dan: Celebrating anniversaries, going to Bournemouth each year, always both have time off work over our birthday’s and anniversary so that we can do things together.

Abbie: Like Dan we do enjoy going away on breaks together. Bournemouth has become somewhere we visit quite often as couple. (See my blog post on 19th of Feb on why I love Bournemouth).

If Dan see’s a book is out by an author I like he will normally buy it for me. He recently got me a signed copy of a Sophie Kinsella book. Dan has also travelled to Southampton whilst I was working to get a book signed by Giovanna Fletcher for me without me asking. #couplegoals

 Dan: Abbie makes a good potato salad

Abbie: Dan’s answer pretty much the extent of my culinary goals! Dan isn’t a fan of cooking, but when he does, he does good! I love his dauphinoise potatoes’ and past bakes. Also he is a dab hand with a cake!

 Dan: To be more emotional and recognise others think differently to me

Abbie: To be understanding of your partners opinions. And to make time for each other and form a friendship too so you can share and enjoy things together.

 Dan: Illness. If I’m unable to move or get out of bed due to illness but I can physically sit up I expect to work because I can do something, and I will try to be in work. If Abbie is ill she will take time off work to rest and recover, where I would be thinking she can move and sit up so she is well enough to work – I keep comments to myself as much as possible as Abbie is probably right looking after her health, but I if it is me ill I will still try to push through and work.

Abbie: I agree on the above for sure. Also Dan can get in stressed mood and because he has Aspergers he will want to leave the flat and not come back, where I have to get him to stay and not see things too black and white. Stay or go is his mind set.

And fashion. I do like fashion and wearing different outfits. But for Dan he likes one or two jumpers and trousers and sticks to that permanently. Sometimes I would like to see him in more of an array of outfits!

 Dan: With Abbie

Abbie: With Dan

 Dan: Centreparcs in the snow. It was the year the country was covered in snow and we were in a log cabin in a pine forest just after Christmas with a very Christmassy feel.

Dan and myself in CentreParcs

Abbie: Bournemouth trips are always nice as they are relaxed and we feel at home in Bournemouth.

Also anywhere we have stayed in a nice hotel, normally in London has felt special.

 Dan: Beautiful, attractive, friendly, romantic woman who loves romance, comfort, cats and a good book.

Abbie: Intelligent and wise, blond, blue eyes, 5ft 11″, medium build male seeks female for companionship, long walks and afternoons discussing a range of topics.

Dan: Always think about how you can make the other person happy and feel good each day and show that you love them, and aim to have far more positive memories than negative memories (like arguments etc.) and do what you can to compromise and work together and support each other, and praise each other, and make time for each other. Don’t take each other for granted, be honoured each day that they are deciding to be with you.

Abbie: Being patient, thoughtful, caring and being there for your partner. Enjoying spending time together and contrary to public belief not having too many arguments. Respect each other and make time for each other too.

I hope you get the impression that we are a happy couple, who like to not waste our time together arguing and like to make the other one happy.

Apologies if romance isn’t your thing, you’ve done well to get this far in my post!

I’d be interested if anyone else would like to answer the same questions with their other half.

Until my next post on Sunday 19th which is all about why I love Bournemouth. My fav staycation location!

Love and hugs,

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