£10 drugstore beauty challenge

Just under a year ago I posted on my blog the £10 challenge, where I set myself the challenge to see how much I could get for £10 in various different high street shops and I thought I would set myself the challenge again (see the original post here).

This time I wanted to see how far I could make £10 go in the beauty department. Being that such brands as MUA, Makeup Revolution and Miss Sporty are popular I thought this wouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

I do prefer to spend a little more on my make up but sometimes you have to shop with in your means and also you can find some real gems for not a lot of money.

The first shop I tried was Boots, but I was a little disappointed as in my local branch they had more mid range price points, so I struggled to stretch my £10. Though I did pick up this ever so pretty pink highlighter stick in the shade Coral Glow from Natural Collection for just £1.99.

I then decided to try Superdrug as they tend to have more of a variety of lower end price points. And I wasn’t disappointed! It took me some time to decide which were the best products to get. I wanted to get a mixture of products to do as full a face as possible.

Unless I went to somewhere like Primark (which isn’t in my local town) I might of got foundation, primer etc to do a whole face. But what I did get will get you at least half way there!

I picked up this Makeup Revolution mascara in Amazing Volume black for just £2.00. What a great price for a mascara. Now I haven’t tried it so I can’t say if it lives up to its claim of amazing volume but it does has a nice thick brush so I that looks promising.

I was taken by this eye shadow trio by MUA which was the most expensive item I got at £2.50. I love the coppery bronze colour which I would imagine would give a pretty smokey eye with the two darker shimmery shades.

This is in the shade Chocolate box.

No make up look is complete without some lippy and this one by Makeup Resolution was a mere £1! The shade is Nude which I best describe as a toffee colour. For £1 I’m impressed by the colour. Also on the top of the lipstick lid is an additional pot of colour. Just pop off the coloured top and you have extra lippy to use!

Again I haven’t tested this, so colour pay off and lasting power I can not comment, but if the colour is anything to go by then it’s a £1 well spent.

On my budget I couldn’t afford foundation but I did get this translucent powder by MUA for £1.00. It claims to create a smooth and shine free finish. Which if it works (well it should or it shouldn’t be for sale!) then that’s another £1 that’s been spent wisely!

Lastly I got a blush from Makeup Revolution for £1. This is in the shade Sugar which is a pinky rose colour. It does have a disclaimer on the back to discontinue use if rash, redness or itching occurs, so I do wonder what they put in these products for the fact they are so affordable. 

But if it causes no skin irritation then that’s your blusher sorted!

So to recap for £10 I spent:

£1.99 on highlighter

£2.50 on eyeshadow

£2.00 on mascara

£1.00 on lipstick

£1.00 on powder

£1.00 on blusher

Total spent:


51p change as well!

I set anyone reading this to the #£10beautychallenge. If you do one yourself I’d love to know what you get. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

Love and hugs,

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