Meeting Katie Melua

When my husband Dan said earlier in the year he had brought VIP tickets to see Katie Melua perform in Southampton I was intrigued. You see my husband is the Katie Melua fan. Not that I’m saying not a fan as I do think she is an amazing singer but it was his choice to book the tickets.

So we left for Southampton on the day of the concert and checked into a Premier Inn as it would be too late to travel back afterwards.
The O2 Guildhall where Katie was performing was only about a 10 minute walk from the Premier Inn, so after dodging various busy roads we arrived and waited outside the venue with a number of other people.
 At 7pm (after waiting in the cold for half an hour!) we were let in and found out seats. The venue I hadn’t been in before and isn’t a stereotypical arena or concert venue. It a large and old (old as in beautiful old decorations) hall, with the seats placed for the concert.

As we had VIP tickets this meant we had seats in the second row from the front. When we arrived we were given a goody bag each too, which included a laminated tour image on a lanyard, a red scarf with Katie Melua embroided on and a sign picture of Katie and Gori’s Women Choir.

At 8pm the Gori Women’s Choir came onto the stage followed by their conductor and Katie herself. There was no warm up act (which I was relieved as we wanted to see Katie not some acts we’d prob not of heard of).
The set up was quite simple, Katie with her guitars, the choir, conductor, a bass player and a keyboard player. No fancy pyrotechnics or set designs. The focus was purely on the music and songs.
The Gori’s Women Choir is what Katie calls ‘a vocal orchestra’ and when they performed I could tell exactly why Katie thought that. They sounded amazing. The range and beautiful sound of their singing was a sheer pleasure to listen too.
Katie herself was wonderful too. Her voice is so mesmeric and made me drift off at times (in a good way, it is so relaxing and soothing).

The first half was of songs from her current album ‘In Winter’ with the choir. Katie described this album as something not full of Christmas carols or tunes, but could still be listened to at Christmas. The second half was Katie performing more of her well known songs such as It’s a Wonderful World, Closest Thing to Crazy and 9 Million Bicycles.

Despite not being overly familiar with Katie’s current album I thoroughly enjoyed her performance and felt lucky to be able to hear how wonderful she sounds live.

After the concert a number of us who were sitting in the first two rows where lead to a side room, where we waited for Katie to arrive for signings and photo’s.
After a little wait Katie arrived and at turn signed merchandise and had photo’s taken. We couldn’t take our own photo’s as this was part of the VIP package but the following day the photo’s were up on their website to download.

Katie is not a loud or veracious character, more humble and down to earth. More someone I could imagine being friends with as I’m neither of those traits either. She was just as lovely in the flesh as on screen.

After we had our photo’s taken, Dan and myself left and returned to the chilly night air and back to our hotel room.

If you haven’t heard any of Katie’s latest album you can hear some below:

Thanks to Dan for taking me to see Katie and thanks to Katie for a great evening.

Lot’s of love,

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  1. shopperdivaS
    December 5, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    That sounds like a great time. So cool you got to meet her!

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