12 days of #Blogmas – Day 8- Festive Freakshakes

Tis the season to be jolly and eat enough food in one month for a year. And what better way to indulge then with a Freak Shake. 

Namely called because of the freaky amount of calories and sugar (or at least that’s my reasoning!) they contain.

What I love is that you can add anything you want to a Freak Shake. The more chocolate and sweets the better!

So I decided to make two of my own Freak Shakes for the festive season. So easy to make and if your feeling a bit adventurous (and of the legal drinking age) then why not add some alcohol to make it a very merry Freak Shake!

The first one I made was made by using Ben and Jerry Cookie Dough ice cream. You can use any ice cream but I have a number of these in my freezer (thanks Domino’s pizza!) so I decided to use these.

I emptied a tub of the ice cream into a measuring jug (you can use a mixing bowl too) and added some milk to make it more of a drinking consistency. Then I gave it a stir till it was combined into a liquid.

You could blend in a blender to get a smoother consistency but doing free hand worked fine. I then poured my milk shake into a glass handled container (Kilner jars are the best, but I found a similar one in TK Maxx).

I then added some squirty cream to the top. I then added to that some strawberry ice cream sauce, a candy kane, half a Curly Wurly and a flake. I finished it off with a mini gingerbread man and silver edible balls.

On the side I also added some Betty Crocker cookies I made the night before.

I would advise using a large straw to help drink these as the milk shake at your toppings can be quite thick.

For the second shake I used Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie ice cream and made the milkshake as the same process as above. 

For the topping I again used squirty cream, Smarties, mini cake topper smarties (from the baking isle in Sainsburys), a finger of Twix, and another candy cane and gingerbread man.

They taste so good and can be made with a variety of ingredients. 

If you made your ultimate Freak Shake what would you include?

Happy milk shaking!

Lot’s of love,

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