12 Days of #Blogmas- Day 7- DIY Christmas Gift Wrap

Christmas does bring out the DIY in me. I love making things and getting crafty. So for this blog post I have made my own Christmas wrapping paper. It’s super easy to do and a great way to personalise your gifts.

To do this I had a bit of a haul on Hobby Craft’s website and brought a number of items to create my gift wrap.

The item’s I purchased were:

3 ink pads for stamping £4.00

1 clear stamping block £3.00

1 sponge 50p

1 set of festive clear stamps £2.00

1 set of gingerbread men toppers £1.00

1 snowflake paper punch £4.00

1 roll of brown craft paper £2.00

Gift wrap set £3.00

Silver and gold twine £2.00

And I also picked up a set of Home Made stickers from Tiger stores for £1.00

I didn’t have much of a plan in mind other than to stamp in a different colour stamp over the craft paper. The stamps are so easy to use. I peeled off the design of stamp I wanted to use, which I then attached to the clear stamp block. I then dabbed the stamp into the ink and away I went. 

It took a while to stamp the first gift wrap as the stamps are small, so I had to do lots of stamping to get the desired effect but I think was worth it in the end.

If I was doing more I might try a green or red ink for a more festive look but saying that I am happy with my stamping!

This is fun to do and great to do with children as well. Might not look as neat but it’s all about the hand made look. Have a look and my designs and I hope you like. 

And this get’s you in the crafting mood I’d love to know what you make!

Lot’s of love,

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