12 days of #Blogmas- Day 10- A Christmas Q&A

What’s this! A Christmas Q&A! Time to get a bit nosey…

Read on to find out more…

Hmm, this is an question where I have to have a good think. I’ve been lucky and received some great Christmas presents over the years but I think I would say a number of toys I got as a kid.

This includes a Sega Master System II games console where my sister and me would fight play

on it playing the likes of Alex the Kidd and Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion.

A few years later I received Super Nintendo which I loved playing Zelda- A Link to the Past and Super Mario Kart. These two have to be my fav retro computer games of all time. If I could play them now I would be more than happy. Who needs a flashy PS4 or Xbox!

Also when I was about 3 or 4 years old I got given an A La Carte kids kitchen set on wheels. It was bright and colourful and I could be a mini cook! It came with fake food and I just loved this. (My love of cooking has since diminished- it was a temporary love as a child!).

I have a fond memory of being about 7 years old and seeing a Barbie (or possibly Sindy) for sale in a shop window in the lead up to Christmas. Being a child I was so set on wanting this for Christmas. I told my mum but she didn’t say I’d get it so I just hoped.

A few days later we passed the same shop and I went to point it out to my mum but alas said doll was there no more. I was deflated. I so wanted that doll.

Come Christmas morning, I opened my presents and what was there! The doll! My mum must of been the one to buy it, that’s why it wasn’t in the window. That memory makes me smile. What a lovely thing to have done.

Fake I’m afraid. And I apologise as I would love a real one but living in a first floor flat makes it easier to have a fake one, rather than lugging a real one up the stairs.

I do love the smell of a real Christmas tree. When I lived at home as a child we always had a real one and I would get so excited of getting it home and decorating it. 

Often had to hoover up the needles and distract the cat from playing with the baubles but it felt like a proper Christmas with a real Christmas tree.

Saying that there are advantages to a fake tree; none of the aforementioned needles to tidy and simply but in a box when done ready to re use next year.

There are so many. How to chose! One that is more a cartoon that a film that I love is the Snowman. It used to be shown every Christmas eve and I would feel so Christmassy watching it. It’s a real Christmas classic.

A more modern day film would be The Holiday. I love a good old rom com and this is perfect for the festive season. Heart warming and funny in just the right places. I think might have to have a search on Netflix for it now that I’ve thought about it.

Another classic is Holiday Inn. Filmed in 1942 it is very much of it’s era, with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. The costumes, the characters and the setting are so wonderful and make me feel so cosy when I watch this. Think this sums up what the festive period should still be like. And it features Bing’s ‘White Christmas’. 100% Christmas in a film 🙂

I’m sure there is a few but the one that comes to mind is a toy dog called Scamps. This was a little white toy dog on a lead that you could effectively take for walks. I so wanted this and was disappointed that I never got it. It was always on the adverts and when Christmas Day rolled round I did look around thinking it is hidden somewhere?

Still you have to learn you don’t always get what you want and this was one of those times.

Christmas traditionally for me is more of an intimate gathering. I do have aunts and uncles and cousins nearby but they tend to do their own family thing. It has been for the last 15 years, Dan, my older sister, my mum and my dad and myself. 

We normally take turns in going to one of each others places each year and this year it’s Dan and my-selves turn to host. But it’s a laid back affair with food, games and tv. 

Just enjoying the day, eating lots of food and chilling out. A couple of years ago we decided to do something a bit different and go out for Christmas Day dinner to a local carvery. Was ok in the sense no-one had to cook or wash up but the restaurant it’self wasn’t the best. They didn’t have enough turkey, though we had booked. Was ok in the end but not ideal.

This year I think I might end up doing some of the cooking which will be a first. As previously said I’m not into cooking so this could be interesting!

 I think it depends on what the plans are. If I were having guests (other than my close family) then I think I would dress up for the occasion, or if I was going out somewhere.

But if it was a day of staying in and chilling then I would gladly use the excuse to stay in some festive pj’s!

There are quite a few ways I could spend this but the one that I would like to do is donate to a charity supporting homeless people. This is a charity close to my heart (for no particular reason it just is) and I would love to give anyone who has no home or cause for a Christmas meal to be able to go somewhere near them that would give them a warm place to spend the day and eat a good meal.

Ok I know there are already places like this and I’m so glad that there are, but I would like to ensure that no-one on the streets would miss out as I imagine the charities can’t afford to cater for everyone who needs them.

This isn’t an answer to the homeless situation, but for just one day for people not to be alone and to included into society would to me be what Christmas is about. Giving and sharing with others- a season of goodwill.

 Well a good roast dinner is hard to beat. But a good crispy roast potato is a winner to me! 

No I haven’t. I’m a home bird, so being at home for Christmas is what I like. But saying that if I could get over my fear of flying I would be intrigued to spend Christmas somewhere like Australia where it’s summer. I think I’d like just once to enjoy some sunshine and the novelty of being in the warm for Christmas.

Though I would have zero chance of a white Christmas, getting a tan would be a bonus!

Enjoying good festive food and good company. Being able to be with my loved ones and hopefully gift them with presents that are hoping for. But ultimately wishing them health and happiness. As for all the frills and spills of Christmas that is my one wish.

So now you know my answers- I would love to know what your’s are! You can answer all or some of the questions in the comments below or create your own blog post answering the questions!

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Lot’s of love,

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