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I’ve been crafting my blog for over a year now and in that time I have played around my with my blog template a few times. I do not know anything thing about coding so I have relied on the talent of those who do to use their templates.

I have google searched through hundreds of websites trying to find the best in templates, from free templates to paid ones and to help you through the mind field of templates I am sharing the sites that have proved the most successful for me (for Blogger).


One of the most well known sites known to bloggers. Pipdig do not have a massive selection of templates but what they do have are of great quality and design. Pipdig are also very helpful in their aftercare.
Their blogs are easy to download and install and I very much liked Aquae, Willow and Evelyn Rose templates. Ask the majority of bloggers and they will tell you they have used Pipdig at some point.
For pricing they are not the cheapest on the block, but I am often wary of some sites so you can rest assured you aren’t going to be fleeced.


On Etsy there are so many blog products to search through. I have found two companies through Etsy that have been of great help.

The first is Rainy Day Blog Designs– I used this design company and purchased the Rice Paper and Ribbon template. These templates are slightly more affordable than Pipdig and they have quite a range of feminine looking templates. Again easy to download and install and customizable using the template section on your Blogger settings.

The other company I used was QDoNow. This is the company that I have used for my current template. Their templates are the most affordable yet and I feel in love with the Arianna template.
I did try to install it myself and whilst that was easy enough I had too many gadgets and was in a bit of a pickle trying to get them into order so I contacted QDoNow and they kindly installed in perfectly for me one afternoon.
They made it look just like the demo version and were so helpful. They didn’t charge me for the installation either so I was very happy with their service.

A top tip- head over to Etsy during the Black Friday period as I imagine like last year lots of templates will be on offer.

There are a few other websites you might like to try. I have not ordered from them myself but take a look and see what you think…

If you know of any others that you rate, please do share in the comments section below. After all sharing is caring!

Lot’s of love,

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