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Since discovering Zoe Sugg on YouTube about a year ago (yes I’m somewhat behind on YouTube- blame my age!) I have been discovering other Youtubers who have created some fantastic content.

I’ve been watching videos that are similar to Zoe, that include make up, fashion and lifestyle.  I though what better for a Sunday than to share with you some of the Youtubers I have been watching.

Have a look below and please do share your fav Youtubers below.

First off…

                                         Emily Canham

I’ve been watching Emily’s video’s for about 6 months now. Emily first started uploading videos to YouTube about 8 months ago, as she transitioned from the success of her Instagram account.

Emily creates main channel videos and has a second vlog channel.

What drew me to Emily was the fact she always look picture perfect, with or without make up. And with make up, I wanted to see how she creates such beautiful looks. And I’ve been watching her video’s ever since.

Emily is 19 years old (makes me feel old!) and for such an age creates such great videos that are easy to watch and are honest in their content. She does say if a beauty product isn’t up to scratch and raves about the ones that are great.

Emily has a warm, friendly and down to earth personality and has recently travelled to Rio for the Olympics in collaboration with Always sanitary products, promoting sport for females.

She vlogged about it and I admired her confidence to travel to Rio, which looked like was on her own and post great videos whilst there. If I did this it would be video’s of me being a gibbering wreck.

Me and travelling afar are not on the best of terms.

Check out Emily’s YouTube channel here…


Jazzybum, or Jasmine is another young Youtuber who creates fun and positive videos. Aside from Jasmine’s warm and pleasant personality, I loved the setting of her videos. Her bedroom has a look I love with soft pastels and girly decorations, it made me know I would like her videos.

Jasmine’s videos range from life hacks, to diy craft projects to hauls and room tours. What I enjoy about Jasmine’s videos is that she is a bit like me when it comes to making things. They don’t always end up as planned, but watching her make them is what I enjoy!

Along with Emily, Jasmine has lust worthy hair. I am trying in slow vain to grow my hair long too and these girls give me hair goals.

Jasmine is up beat and is part of the generation where making digital content is fast becoming the norm and excels in doing so!

Go check out Jazzybum below…

All Things Nim

Nim makes videos of beautiful and cute craft projects. Her style is like Kawaii which is it’s self super cute.

She make’s things I would imagine someone of a younger age would love, but there is something about the cuteness and easiness to make these great looking items that I find appealing.

I haven’t tried any of the projects myself but perhaps if I had a younger person to entertain, this would make great projects to replicate.

Nim does for sure have a talent in making these crafty items, she has such a steady hand for the finer details. Her videos are great to watch, you can check them out below…

Cupcake Jemma

Jemma is an cake Goddess. Jemma set up Crumbs and Doilies cake bakery in London and has YouTube videos showing you how you can recreate the amazing cakes she makes in her shop.

From chocolate cakes, to rainbow and unicorn cakes, there is a receipe for everyone.

I have tried her receipe for rainbow cupcakes and despite my cake baking skills came out rather ok! Jemma is down to earth and brings passion to her videos.

If you love cakes, then check out Jemma’s channel below…

Rhiannon Ashlee

I’m not normally one for pregnancy videos but Rhiannon’s real and honest video’s about her pregnancy pre and post natal are really refreshing.

I’ve been watching Rhiannon’s videos for a few months now and followed her on her journey of her growing bump and seeing the joy and cuteness of baby Delilah.

Despite my age I’m not particularly ofay with the whole pregnancy process so I found Rhiannon’s vlogs eye opening and educational. Rhiannon like all the previous Youtubers is down to earth and honest with her baby journey.

Check out Rhiannon’s journey to motherhood below…

If you have watched any of these Youtubers I would love to know what you think.

Have fun discovering these lovelies!

Lot’s of love,

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