Letters from Lighthouse Cottage by Ali McNamara | My thoughts on this amazing book

You know when you finish a book that you love so much that you just want to share it with everyone? Well I do, as I have just finished a book that has simply been the best book I have read in a long time.

Quite an accolade to be given, but it is truly deserved. This book is by the author Ali McNamara who has written six novels prior to her latest book. All I have loved, but Letters from Lighthouse Cottage is her best in my opinion.

I awoke at 5am this morning, not being able to sleep, so I picked up Letters from Lighthouse Cottage, picked up where I had from where I had last read to and by 7am I had read to the end. I don’t know if it was a mixture of tiredness, hormones or an emotional ending, but I was crying! The ending was, without giving anything away, in one word, emotional!

I don’t want to reveal too much of the book, as I encourage you to give it a read and I hope you give it a place in your heart, like I now have. When I picked it up to begin reading it I thought it looked like another fluffy ‘chick lit’ novel, set beside the seaside, with a cafe. Like many books in this genre tend to now look like. But I think the cover in my opinion doesn’t do the story justice. as it is so compelling and engrossed me completely. Never judge a book by it’s cover I have learnt as Letters from Lighthouse Cottage has so much depth and a really well thought out story and captivating characters.

Village that inspired the setting of the book | Credit Ali McNamara

I also didn’t read the blurb. I trusted by Ali’s previous novels being so good, that I didn’t need convincing to read her latest book. I like to also read books with little given away with what is going on as I like the surprise of not knowing what to expect. 

I have totally fallen in love with this book. I felt like I went on a journey with the main character Grace and really got to know her and towards the end I really was rooting for a happy ending for her. I’ll let you find out for yourself what indeed happens to Grace, should you give it ago.

I like me you like a well developed story, likable characters, drama, romance, history and a bit of mystery to boot then I would highly urge you to give this a read.

I feel I’m lacking a bit on this review as I’m not giving the plot away, so you will have to trust me, someone who has read a lot of ‘chick lit’ novels over the last 15 years or so, that this is well worth your time to read.

If you like stories by authors such as Cecelia Ahearn and Giovanna Fletcher, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading Letters from Lighthouse Cottage.

If you have read it I would love to know, with out giving too much away, what you thought. Also if you have a story you really love, I’d love to know what it is and why. Comment below.

Lot’s of love,

P.S. You can get yourself a copy of Letters from Lighthouse Cottage here.

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