Who inspires me

Inspiration can come from the unlikeness of sources. I could be watching a film, reading a book or just walking down the road and get that light bulb moment.

And in the the spirit of positivity I want to share the people who inspire me and give me motivation and hope for the future.
There are so many wonderful people out there that, whether they realise or it not make such a difference to my view on various different aspects of life.
Here are my ultimate in Inspirational People

Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg aka Pointless Blog and Zoella

Maybe not your obvious choice, but to me these two have such a powerful and positive influence over the youth of today (gosh makes me sound old!).
Going from 0 to 60 in a matter of a few years, Alfie and Zoe, or Zalfie as they are commonly known, have taken Youtube and social media by storm. And rather than living the high life and showing a life of luxury (despite living in a near £1million house!), they to me are extremely down to earth.
I watch Alfie’s daily vlogs most days and I often comment on the dynamics between himself and Zoe are so reminiscent to myself and Dan. Just like any other couple.
But that aside, the inspiration they give to me is priceless. They have shown that anyone can make what they do become a reality. They are instrumental, especially Zoe in inspiring me to start my blog. I love Zoe’s blog and that sowed the seed for me getting finger to key pad (not really pen to paper anymore!) and start writing about what I’m passionate about.

Alfie’s positivity to life in his daily vlogs is inspirational, and I hope that his viewers, no matter of their age, do take something from that. There is so much in the media IMHO that I think influence youth and not in a good way. Be slim, get rid of the cellulite, get your nails done in rainbow colours, etc etc and Zalfie show just be yourself. Make up, no make up, well in Zoe’s case any way, it’s ok to show the real you. And I think this is a strong message to send out, to myself included.

When I watch Zoe I feel a connection as I myself have social anxiety, I hate being in busy, crowded places (London Underground for example, no way!), I’m a bit of a social recluse at times and prefer to be at home with a book or watching TV then gallivanting around for a night on the tiles and I don’t really drink alcohol and don’t smoke. Me and Zoe, clean living gals dontcha know!
I also love living near the south coast and baking cakes. Hey Zoe if you’re reading this (as if!), you and me, soul sisters 😉
So to find someone who is very successful and encapsulates the same ethics and morales as myself to being clean living, friendly, honest and just themselves gives me inspiration that being like that is ok,
I used to think I was a bit square and boring in being an introvert and that who would be interested in that? But it seems a lot of people, if going by Zoe is anything. And too right!

And in the words of Alfie ‘Do more of what makes you happy’. Amen to that.

Spice Girls

I know this may also seem like a random place to find inspiration but growing up these five 20- somethings inspired in a way no other has done since.
I was an avid Spice Girl fan, I had the albums, book, posters, even the Addidas trousers and Buffalo boots. I thought I was their long lost sixth member.
But not just because I wanted to karate chop and peace sign myself to all and sundry, because at a time of becoming a teenager the SG gave me Girl Power. Looking back with a cynical adult perspective I’m thinking that’s marketing at it’s very best, but at the time of an impressionable age, Girl Power was my mantra.
If I was feeling under confident I would think ‘what would the Spice Girls do?’ and that would be to kick butt and stand up for what you believe in and don’t let being a girl hold you back. I guess looking back and even now, empowering female role models are the most inspiration to me.

I remember very vividly, I must of been about 13 or 14 and myself a four other girls in the local area decided to create our own mini Spice Girls tribute act. This has to be one of the very few times in my life where I believed in something so much I would of fought the world for it.
I thought there would be a real want in us being hired to be a young tribute act to the Spice Girls, and ok now I know it was a rather ridiculous idea, but at the time I had such conviction in the idea. And to feel that passionate about an idea at such a young age I give credit to the Spice Girls.

They where my role models growing up. As again like Zoe, they were incredibly down to earth and made no apologies for being so. They swore, they wore crazy clothes and pinched Prince Charles bottom. They weren’t squeaky clean but that I respected as other bands at the time, like Take That were marketed whiter than white and that didn’t appeal. I wanted to see real people and that being yourself was acceptable.

I will always be thankful for the the Spice Girls and what they gave me as a young teenager, as I think my teenage years would of been worse off had they not been there to give me such joy and inspiration.
#GirlPower 🙂

Bloggers and Youtubers

Before the likes of Alfie and Zoe and before I started blogging this was a world of blogging and vlogging was alien to me. But since starting my blog and discovering all the amazing videos on youtube I have been open to what seems like a universe of such creative and hard working people.

I could be wrong in my assumptions, but I would like to think I’m safe to say a lot of this content (least the content I connect with) is created by the under 30’s.
And a lot of these bloggers and Youtubers have no previous qualifications or knowledge in social media and editing videos and films, but still the content out there is crazy good.

This generation have so much resources at their finger tips to engage them in learning new skills and promoting their work. When I was younger I would draw a magazine, or make a rudimental version on Paint in Windows on my PC. And for there it would stay. But now all this content can go world wide, influencing and inspiring, hundreds, thousands even millions.

And what an inspiring thing to do. From my own experience it takes time, effort for sure and dedication to make content to be proud of and to share. And for the current generation to be passionate and able to do this to me is fantastic. Rather than sitting in front of a box set or games console, they are sharing their lives and inspiring others.

A few of the bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through the world of blogging are:

Holly at Closing Winter
Lu at Little Bit Of Lu
Abbey at AbbeyLouisaRose
Jemma at DorkFace Blog

These lovely ladies have been so welcoming to me to the blogging world and have supported me when I’ve been struggling with my blog. They really are worthy of praise. Please do check out their blogs and show them some love.

So those are just some of the people that inspire me. There’s inspiration the world over. Perhaps this post has inspired to think of your own role models?  Please do let me know who you look for inspiration, I’d love to know!

Lot’s of love,

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