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It seems to be a vlogger or blogger by nature a ‘Whats in your handbag’ is a video/post is a must have. So here I am falling into the trap of generic content and doing said post. But what the heck, why not?
Not that imagine it’s of much interest to anyone, but should you be wondering ‘What is in your handbag?’ then fret no more and let me indulge you…

My bag of choice at the moment is by Fiorelli, which make great high street hand bags. They have designer inspiration but at my price range (ie doesn’t make me bankrupt to buy one!). This one is a back pack with a front pocket, main zipped compartment and a zipped compartment on the back.

I have been using this day in and day out for months.

I used to buy handbags like they were going out of fashion, but I’ve stuck with this trusty bag for a long time now. It’s comfy to wear, goes with any outfit and is just the right size.

I used to wear cross body and shoulder handbags, but now I am 100% converted to the backpack.

I tend to carry a lot of junk around in my bag, but I’ve recently had a good old sort out and just kept the essentials inside. Which include:
Pink patent purse which I found in a Home Bargains store for £2.99. Apart for the usable size, I liked the fact it closely resembled a Ted Baker purse, but at the fraction of the cost. The only downside is because of the price, the inner zip has since broken on the zip itself. But it still does it’s job. Great value!

Sunglasses from Flying Tiger, previously Tiger stores. They were another bargain at £2.99 also I believe. I liked the slight Ray Ban look of them. I also brought this cute flamingo glasses case from the same shop. I’m forever scratching my sunglasses when I carry them loose in my bag, so a worthy investment.

Train tickets. As I don’t drive (shock horror!) I often use public transport (that’s if a train turns up-another matter altogether!) and a train being a mode I use. I keep them in my bag and haven’t seen the need to throw them away yet. I guess I like it as a little memento to days out I’ve had. A bit sad I know, but this is me!

Sun cream. I wanted a handbag size bottle so I can use it whenever I’m out and about. Though I might of been a bit optimistic in purchasing this as we so far have failed to have what some would call an summer in the UK at the moment. Still hears hoping.

Zoella fragrance mist from her Sweet Inspirations range. I brought this shortly after it went on sale and use this as my daily fragrance. I love sweet smells so this does me perfectly. That and it’s not to big to carry around.

Mobile phone. I recently got this pinata themed cover from Skinny Dip in Topshop. I love Skinny Dip as they do such fun and colourful designs. When I got my new phone the first thing I wanted to do was get a Skinny Dip cover. It’s my go to phone accessory range.

Dior tester sample- I can’t remember how I came by this tester but as it smelt lovely and was small enough to pop into my bag I’ve had it in there ever since. Why can’t perfumes come like this for sale? Be ideal to have a collection of them to carry in my bag.

Ipad mini. This is my treasured possession. I’ve had it for over three years and it use it every day. It’s the perfect size for my handbag and is great for checking my emails, going on line and taking photo’s with as it has a large screen (larger than a phone or camera). I’ve got various cases for it, but I sometimes find them a bit bulky, so naughtily I have been caring it au natural in my bag.

Lip colour. Always handy to have some lip colour to hand. These two are Revlon in 415 Pink in the afternoon which is a soft dusty pink colour. Ideal for wearing during the day with a subtle colour. The other is from Bourjois and is their Color Boost glossy finish lipstick in shade 07 Proudly naked. This I would say is more like a tinted balm as the colour is very subtle but then that’s more my thing at the moment. And it claims to last for up to 10 hours. Yet to see if that’s the case, but if it is then it’s a winner in my eyes.

Passport and passport cover. The cover is from Cath Kidston. I carry my passport around with me as proof of age. As I do get a number of comments that I look far younger than my years I have this to hand in case i’m in a shop or bar and they like many others do not believe I’m 32. I don’t really go out enough for this to be the case but for piece of mind I have it should I ever need it.

And lastly is some headphones the brand iLUV. I got them because they are pink! And I use them with my ipad.

And that my lovelies is my hand bag and all the stuff I cart around with me on a daily basis.

I hope this has been of some interest. If not then that’s cool, I guess this isn’t your bag! 😉

Lot’s of love,

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