What I’ve been loving online today | 5 celebs on their anxiety

Hello and happy Friday to you!

You find me currently on my sofa, laptop in front of me and a cup of tea at the ready! As my per my normal resource for sharing what I have loved online today, I saw this video from Hello Giggles on Facebook..
The video features quotes from 5 famous ladies and how their anxiety has affected them.

I find this refreshing as when I was about 14 I had severe anxiety, I was having panic attacks daily and I didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me. About a year or so later I discovered the word ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ after reading an article about someone who suffered from this also.
It was like a light bulb moment, suddenly I had a name and some context to what my body was experiencing.

Now I have learnt from self education and from my husband also who is a fully qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, about the biology and psychology of what triggers anxiety and how anxiety works.

This video goes to show it doesn’t matter who you are, whether famous or not, anxiety can happen to anyone, even the greats such as Adele.

Anyway have a little watch and I hope it makes at least one person rest assure they are not alone.
You can find the original post of the video here.

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