My June favourites

It only feels like I just did my last monthly favourites and here we meet again. So June has been a funny old month, thrown the country into mass quandary over Brexit. Along with an month of weather more resembling Autumn then Summer, it’s been a bit unstable to say the least.

But that a side I want to keep consistency on my blog and do my second monthly favourites. I will be honest as it seems only recently I did my last favourites post I’ve not got a vast amount to report, but what I do have been my favourites, and that I want to share with you.

So let’s begin…

So you may of seen in a previous post my wonderful husband had asked Giovanna Fletcher to answer some questions for my blog which you can read here.
My husband managed to meet Giovanna at a book signing for her new book Always with Love. This is Giovanna’s fifth book and is a continuation on from the Billy and Me novel.

I was excited to read Always with Love as I am a huge fan of Giovanna’s previous novels. I also loved Billy and Me as it told of a love story from the point of view of Sophie May, who is a quiet and unassuming character just going about her life in a quite village, overcoming the death of her dad and dealing with her anxieties.
She then meets Billy, who she slowly recognizes as a famous British actor who is filming in her village. Long story short, they end up together in Billy and Me but not after overcoming a number of obstacles.

In Always with Love, without giving too much away Sophie is still with Billy, but more obstacles threaten their relationship and you go on a journey of self discovery for Sophie and you find out if their relationship stands the test of Billy’ acting career.

I really like books where I can identify with the main character and in this case I could. Sophie is portrayed by Giovanna as down to earth and not a fan of the lime light, despite Billy’s job. How Sophie feels with dealing with the press intrusion and pressures of those who do not have your interests at heart, in a real and believable way. I can imagine I would feel in a similar way to Sophie if faced with the same or similar scenarios.

As I was already familiar with the characters from Billy and Me, I enjoyed not having to learn about a whole new set of characters and just enjoy the story between Sophie and Billy.
Giovanna’s writing style is easy to read, flows well and makes me want to keep reading more. It didn’t take me long to finish the book as I enjoyed it so much.

I would highly recommend this if you like a story about love, drama and seeing characters develop through out the story. If you have read Always with Love, I’d love to know what you thought of it!

My new iphone. I recently purchased a iphone SE as my previous phone, a cheap Microsoft Lumia (I mean it cost me £40 to buy on PAYG so wasn’t the greatest)) was just not doing the job on the camera front. I’ve had an iphone 4s and 5s before, so I was used to the functionality of the iphone and I just loved the rose gold colour of this SE version.

I tend to use my Sony digital camera for taking photo’s on my blog, but it’s handy to be able to whip out the phone and take a quick snap, especially with ease of uploading to the internet.

Also I love being able to customise my phone with phone covers. Here I have an unicorn one from Skinny Dip, a cartoon design one from Coconut-Lane and a glittery pinata one from Skinny Dip. So pretty, so girly!

I’m also loving the slowmo video option too. I’ve made some funny and interesting videos using this. Think I need to practise with it a bit more but just another fun thing I love about my phone.

I’ve also started to use Snapchat, if a bit sporadically. I’m not completely sold on it, maybe it’s my age, or just I don’t use it enough but I’m not getting as much out of it as others seem to. Saying that I don’t use Instagram much either, so maybe it’s my age!

Still it has been on of my, if not my favourite purchases this month. Like they say, it’s good to talk!

Jimmy Choo, Exotic eau du toilette and nail polishes from Accessorize. My husband purchased this fragrance for our 15 year anniversary in June as a gift a I had been coveting it for a number of months now.
I first tried it at the Glamour event back in March and as it hadn’t been released yet I eagerly awaited it to hit the stores. Then I had a wait a bit longer as I couldn’t actually afford it. But enough hints to my husband paid off!
The fragrance smells quite sweet, slightly fruity and musky if that makes sense! I like sweet smells, so this is right up my street.

I also purchased in the sale in Accessorise 2 of their nail colours. I picked up 17 Orchid, a pinky purple shade, 21 Heavenly, a pale blue and 04 Ethereal, a translucent colour with a pinky purple shimmer. These were £5 reduced to £1.50 each. Bargain. They are good quality colours and I love the round geometric design of the bottles.
I have tried the shade Heavenly with the colour Ethereal on top to add some shimmer. I think it looks really pretty if I say so myself!

One other thing left to share with you that I have been loving throughout June is the return of one my favourite current tv programmes, New Girl. I’ve been loving this programme ever since the first episode, even if it seems the UK is about a year behind the American series and only ever get a handle full of show shown each year.
I love the character Jess as she is girly, ditsy and doesn’t always get it right, but she has a good heart and is always trying to do the best for those around her.
I also love Jess’s sense of style, cute and a bit kooky. I’ve seen on the Modcloth website a number of items that remind me of Jess, well worth a look if you want to replicate her look.

I hope that Jess and Nick get together in the end, but I think Nick needs to mature a little, though getting ownership of the bar I’m sure will help him man up. And I’m looking forward to Schmitt and Cece’s wedding. Sure it will be spectacular if Schmitt has anything to do with it.

In the first series and Jess moved in with Coach, Schmitt and Nick, I could imagine being just like Jess, feeling a bit lost in a flat of guys but slowly bonding with them. I used to try and dress like Jess, and would look on google inspiration on how to dress like her, but like any fashion I soon grew out of it. But I still rate her look, but I think I will leave it to Jess to pull it off.

If I could be friends with Jess IRL then I think we’d get on really well. We could bake cakes, go on some crazy escapades and live happily ever after!

So that is my short but sweet favourites for June. I hope you liked them and thanks for reading!

Lot’s of love,

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