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It felt like the other day that I hadn’t been out of Chichester for quite a while, so whilst the weather was being uncharacteristically summery I decided to take a trip to the sea side town of Brighton.
You may of seen in previous posts that I have been to Brighton on a number of occasions before. You’ve got a great array of high street stores, the infamous Laines and the beach and pier, what’s not to love!

Head south for the sea!

After an approx 50 minute train journey (which went by quite quickly as I was reading a book), myself and Dan arrived at Brighton train station. If you haven’t been to Brighton before, as you leave the main exit/entrance of the train station you head straight down the road in front of you (where you can see the sea) and towards the end (next to the clock tower) are all the high street shops including Churchill Square shopping centre.

9 times out of 10 I head straight for the shopping centre and check out Urban Outfitters (and see what I can’t afford-bit overpriced in there, but I still like it!), Bershka (I love their iron on patches) and Tiger (or The Flying Tiger as it’s now known as).

After some browsing in the shops and as it was approaching lunchtime, Dan and myself stopped for a bite to eat in Spudulike. Affordable and healthier than a MacDonalds!

Whilst we were eating we could hear this amazing guy down in the atrium area of the mall on the ground floor singing operatic songs. He really needs to get himself on X Factor, Susan Boyle, who?!
And after watching one of Zoella’s vlogs, I saw that whilst we were scoffing our jacket potatoes she was on the level below also watching this guy sing. So close, yet so far!

Primark mom jeans, with patches I added myself

After our lunch we then headed out of the shopping centre, where I took a gander into H&M (it’s a flagship store but unfort I didn’t find anything that stood out for me) and also popped into Primark.
In Primark I purchased a second pair of the mom style jeans I had on. These are so comfy and fit really well. For the price I thought I’d get myself another so I always have a pair on the go.
I also picked up a light weight jacket, in a bomber style, in a pale shimmery green colour.

After Dan had patiently waited for me in Primark, we headed to the sea front. It was cloudy but in the break of clouds it was lovely and sunny. We sat down on the stones on the beach for a while whilst I played with my Snapchat filters and Dan took some photo’s of the sea.
We then headed onto the pier. I’ve always lived on the coast, so being beside the sea is so natural for me. Piers and amusements are second nature, along with fish and chips and the odd seagull swooping around.
Brighton Pier, or Brighton Palace Pier as it is now been renamed, has all the British seaside amusements you can imagine. Cut outs to have your photo taken in, slot machines, coconut shy’s, even a ghost house and rollercoaster.

Just a child at heart!

After a mooch around the pier, Dan and myself made a walk back towards the town centre and then back towards the train station. As there is a temporary train timetable in place, we ended up getting a train that called at so many stations, but it was a nice sunny after noon and I had my pizza margarita from Upper Crust (love this!) so I was happy to chill and enjoy the scenery.

So that was my little jaunt out to Brighton. I like days out like this as I can get away from the day, see the sights and still be back in time for dinner (what am I, 12?!).

Anyway I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!

Lot’s of love,

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