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This week I’ve been let out for good behaviour (sic) and got a weeks annual leave (or holiday to you and me) from work. I had nothing planned other than to do something on Monday just past to celebrate mine and my hubby’s 15 year anniversary of when we first starting dating, and also coincides with our 2nd wedding anniversary.

For an anniversary present my lovely hubby brought me some perfume I’ve been after for ages, Jimmy Choo Exotic. He also treated me to an necklace from Accessorize (rose gold dontcha know!), some Cath Kidston socks (as that’s the symbol for 2 years of marriage and I love CK) and a Me to You bear key ring (I’m a slight hoarder of these tatty teddys!). A very grateful lady I am 😊

We celebrated with a trip to Hobby Craft, yes being in your 30’s is so rock’n’roll. Followed by dinner in ASK restaurant and drinks in a local pub/restaurant with a few friends. A very pleasant day.

Today being Wednesday (by passing Tuesday as I just pottered about, not much to report) Dan and myself ventured outdoors as there didn’t seemed to be an imminent threat of rain.

We decided to visit the nearby seaside town of Worthing. We thought this would be a good opportunity to test out the film options on my brand new iPhone (I point out brand new as the previous ones have been second hand from my sister).

Yesterday I had brought a new eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revoloution. I picked up one of their I heart chocolate palettes in white chocolate. I just love the packaging as it resembles a bar of chocolate. The colours are various shades of golds and browns. I heart it!

Some of my daily must haves when getting ready. 

We got a train after only a short train delay. Our local train company appears to be at war with its staff. There are strikes that have happened and continue to and they say constant train delays and cancellations due to lack of staff, but I think that’s a lie. There are staff, just the train operator is making it look like the staff are the ones messing up the service not them. 

Anyway I digress. After arriving at Worthing station Dan and myself walked down towards the town centre.

We passed on the way a fabric shop I have walked passed many times but never gone in. This time I did as they had a number of garments in their shop window that they had customised using iron on patches and ribbon. I liked. I stopped to have a look inside. They had lots of iron on patches but they were quite kiddieish so I just got some Daisy patches.

We then stopped off in Wimpy which is a very traditional British cafe/restaurant. The franchise has been around ever since I can recall, definetly since from the late 80’s. And the menu hasn’t changed much either. The food is tasty and homely. Like cooked all day breakfast, burger and chips and other mixed grills. The staff are always very friendly and the food is made super quick. Worth a try if you ever are near a Wimpy.

After being fed and watered we had a look around the shops, where I went to TK Maxx, H&M, Waterstones, Dorothy Perkins and Debenham’s. I ended up with two white tops from H&M. One is a white jersey tshirt with tassels along the bottom and the other a shortsleeved knitted top with tassels down the front on either side. I appear to have a thing with tassels!

Which one would you pick?

We then took a walk over to the beach, whilst the sun was out, it was quite blustery on the beach. I tried my new iPhone out on some slow motion footage of some seagulls in flight. As well as some photos of the pier and beach.

Following on from this Dan and myself then stopped off for a cup of tea in a coffee shop where we debated the news on the tv in the coffee shop. We had some interesting comments with each other both agreeing on the whole BHS/Sir Philip Green where we think that it’s not right Sir PG feels an apology is enough. He ended up saying he wanted an apology for the meeting he was at where the committee said his ego played apart in this. Gees, don’t get me started on this. I’m not here to vent, I want to be a positive voice so let me move on.

As it was approaching 5pm it was a good time to head back to the train station. Not before a stop to the supermarket for some dinner and some ingredients to make rainbow frosting for some cup cakes.

After a wait of about 20 mins due to continued delays with the trains, we got on the train and headed back towards our home station.

Once back in Chichester, we took the 10 minute walk back to our flat and I promptly flopped myself onto the sofa and rested my weary feet.

I have since had dinner, been online, watched some YouTube videos and tried resetting my unused iPad for Dan as I locked it a while ago by forgetting my passcode! Luckily there wasn’t much on there so no real loss. And Dan can use it as his own now.

Now I’m writing this post, thinking how best to transfer photos from my iPhone to my iPad to upload the photo’s for this post and thinking it’s bed time.

And now I’m am more than ready for bed.

Until next time,

Lots of love

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