Patching it up

I watched a vlog of Zoella’s a couple of months ago, and in it she was wearing some light coloured jeans with some iron on patches on it. On Zoe this looks amazing, I mean she could wear a bin liner and still look fab. But that got me thinking; could I recreate a similar look myself?

So thus started the hunt for iron on patches or transfers. I will be honest, I did have to do a lot of hunting. Mostly on line at first for some patches I liked the look off. After a few days of searching, I decided to try my local Hobbycraft store. This one is quite a big store so I thought they must have some. To which they did, but in my opinion it wasn’t the best selection. Still beggars can’t be choosers, so I picked up a couple I thought would suffice.

On a trip to Brighton not long afterwards I happened to be in Berschka and came across two packs of patches. Both under £10 each. Success! But I still wanted more, so I had a further hunt around Brighton and discovered some more in a gift and novelty shop in the North Laines called This is not a butchers.

Armed with all my patches I then decided what to add them too. Whilst in Brighton I picked up a dark denim jacket from Primark. Cost effective and ideal for adding patches to. I also had some denim shorts from Next that I thought would like great with some customisation. I then chose a stripey black and white t-shirt I had from H&M to add some patches to.

The instructions explain to use a towel or cloth over the patch then iron for a few seconds over the patch once placed on the item of your choice. I did this but found it took several minutes of ironing over the patch with a pillowcase over the top to get it to bond to the material. It was easier to iron to the t-shirt than to the denim, but after some perseverance I got there.

What I found was equally time consuming was deciding how and what patches to place on each item. I deliberated for some time! Over all I am happy with my finished garments. Now all I need is some of the elusive sunshine and I can wear them out side!

Lot’s of love,

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